Expedited Reinstatement Taking Really Long Time

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/13/2017 - 11:19

I got off benefits in 2015, had to re-apply around May or June 2016. A lot of misinformation at first, but they said this would be under EXR, I got approved for benefits on Dec. 24th 2016, no letters though. Found out any and all info from calling main number several times. They said a few weeks ago when I called that on Jan. 27th it was sent to payment center, and it was in critical status but would be 30 to 45 more days. 30 to 45 more days for what? A letter? Payment? Still no letters from SSA. Its taking longer to get re-instated as expedited than it took originally to get on benefits the first time...

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Hi there,
The SSA may have processed your application as new application that was not eligible for expedited reinstatement, you may want to contact your local SSA office regarding this.

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