Am I being terminate from receiving benefits?

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I have been on SSI since a child. I have cerebral palsy. I'm able to walk and stand but not for long periods of times without severe pain and fatigue. I do not have full range of motion on my right side. From December to April I worked as a customer service representative. Grossing 4100 the project end it as well as my right hand could no longer take it. Unfortunately I have a PAyee since I've been with SSI from childhood. She was under the assumption that because I didn't make much I didn't have to report it. This past Monday I received a notice from the office stating I must come in with my payEe with all my paystub's etc. to determine if I'm still eligible. I'm not disputing that I was overpaid and need to make arrangements. Am I being called in for possible termination of benefits or to make payment arrangements

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Hi there,
The SSA may be adjusting for overpayment, however I really could not say as we are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government and as such we would not have access to that information.

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