Section 8 while on SSDI?

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I'll explain this to the best of my knowledge. When I first got on disability in 2014, I had SSDI and also SSI. When we (my parents and I, my father is my payee) sent in the paperwork showing how much rent I pay, the government said I wasn't paying enough rent, so they took away my SSI. I went from getting about 720 to 667.

I've been living in one of my parents' homes and paying them rent. Needless to say, I'm getting a great rate--450 per month, all utilities included. It would be *very* hard for me to afford anything more, as after my bills are paid, I hardly have anything left to get me through the month. My parents have decided to sell the house I live in, which means I need to find a new place to live. I have considered getting on Section 8 housing, but my parents are *convinced* that if I do that, my SSDI will go down even further since I will be paying less rent.

I've tried to research this, but I've come up empty-handed. Like I said, once my bills are paid, I hardly have enough to buy the necessities each month--laundry detergent, gasoline, toilet paper, clothes, shoes, socks, et cetera. If I have to find an apartment, well. I don't know how I'll afford it if I can't get on section 8. Getting a roommate is not an option, neither is moving in with my parents or another family member.

So, yeah. Anyone here get on Section 8 after being on SSDI, and did they start paying you less SSDI per month? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,
SSDI benefit amounts do not change due to income, only SSI benefits do. Additionally, It seems that you had become ineligible for SSI benefits because you were receiving in-kind support in the form of housing from your parents( though you did pay a share of the cost), so if you qualify for section 8 housing, you may still qualify for that SSI benefit.

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Yes, you can receive disability payments and be on Section 8. Your rent share will be a percentage of your income and you will likely be income eligible.

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I'm disabled I get SSI on the 3 of each month, the owner was picking up the rest, when he wanted me to bring it to him, then, mail it to him, now he wants me to take it to his bank. He knows it will be late, now he wants it on the first of the month, after he told me I could pay him by the 8 if I mail it to the bank. He knows sometime it's hard for me to move, but he is angry with me because he was made to make repairs.

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I contacted my sec. worker last March after I got out of the hospital, I was already disable, but I had a stroke and heart failure on the same day, I told her my Doctors wanted me closer to them for treatment, I mail her the letters two of my Doctors, she has me filling out papers until December when my rent went from 253.00 to 657.00 a month and theirs a lot more behind her retaliation.


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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact the SSA regarding this.

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I need a place I am living in run down trailer please help me

Said Dahbi (not verified)
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I just got approved on SSI, will social security reduce my benefit because of this?

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Wife SSI; I'm SSDI. Separated for some yrs. She's in home she owns; my name went on yrs ago when we did a 2nd. I'm living with friends in their home. I'm looking into sect 8 for myself only. Will/Could it affect wife's checks?

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How much is to much money each month in order to get benefits I'm on ssdi and need rent help

Linda (not verified)

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I would like to know if working while on ssd would affect my section 8?

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My question is this. I receive section 8 as a single person. I don't receive any SSI as of yet, however my mother does she and I are both disabled as of being able to work. She doesn't have section 8 I do and would like to move myself her and my younger sister into a bigger house so we can help each other. I need my younger sisters assistance! Is this move legal? Will it hurt my mother's benefits?


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Hi Tanshia,

It should. If you qualify for Section 8 housing, you may still qualify for that SSI benefits. However, I would recommend speaking with someone at the SSA first, just to be safe.

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Can I continue to work and receive my retirement on section8

Georgia Boy (not verified)
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I initially had three dependents receiving benefits from my record which now there is only one. My daughter has approximately a year before she graduates. My question is this, when her benefits stop will mine increase.


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Hi There,

Good question! I would recommend speaking with someone at the SSA regarding it.

ricky Lafferty (not verified)
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I am totally disabled due to injuries suffered through years of working in the coal mines. The state has stopped paying my part B medicare (WV) and stopped on jan 1, 2018 but didn't take the additional 158.00 out of my check, so they sent a letter today, 6 days before my check was to arrive to tell me they were backing up and taking the 3 months they missed out of this month's check! what did I do to piss them off so much that they are punishing me for something I had no control over....I will have to bum food now from wherever I can just to survive this...A shame on the United States for treating it's disabled workers this way....I wish I had been born in Mexico or Honduras....I would get more by being illegal than by working my entire life! Plus, I am/was a good swimmer and could surely have swam that measly 50 yards it takes to have the workers of this country support you!!!!!


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Hi Ricky,

I would call the SSA as they may be able to give more insight on what happened specifically with your case.

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I've just been approved for section aide currently trying to receive ssi for my depression and a few other things but will my income change if I'm approved will my rent increase and will my ssi decrease

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Is SSI or SSDI counted as income will receiving section 8 housing.

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I’m on disability making $1025 a month. I just had to move this year cause my ancestral home was foreclosed.
Even though I gave them all of my disability information and they stuck me in a fair market apartment. That charges me 714 over 75% of my income. Does that mean I should now be eligible for SSI to make it so I can live??

I am up for section 8. If I pay 30% that like 350 that drop my income below SSI to. So will I be able to get it in this scenario?

Thanks you

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