Curious about statistics re: disability claims

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What percentage of people qualify for SSDI at the initial stage? In other words, they are approved for benefits without ever receiving a denial.

What percentage of people get approved without a medical review for the "3 to 5 year" recheck?

I ask because I never have been denied disability and when I received the review letter, I filled it out with a copy of a letter detailing a recent hospitalization for the disabling condition. About a week after I sent that letter, I received one back saying that a recheck is not needed and I will be getting another recheck in 3 to 5 years.

I am just curious as to the odds of this happening for a mental condition.

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Hi there,
About 70% of people are denied the first time, and as far as approvals for mental conditions go, they may face more scrutiny as mental disorders are harder to document and may not produce any apparent physical disabilities.

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how can someone receive SSD for many years, yet can play golf, go fishing, remodel houses, but cannot work?


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If you suspect Social Security fraud you can call the SSA and file a report with them. 1-800-772-1213.


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