Judge ruled in my favor but I got denial letter

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Is it possible for social security to send a denial letter to someone who got a favorable decision by the judge. What should I do?Social security send me a reconsideration application on two different times in past four months which I filled out and sent back to them and recently I got a letter from hearing office asking me why I never applied for reconsideration.after I was told that I was waiting for a new hearing by someone at social security. aren't they supposed to communicate.i thought the hearing office and the main office are one and the same

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Hi there,
While the judge may have indicated a favorable result, the disposition of your case can change if they find anything that would change you eligibility on review of your case. You may want contact the hearing office that you had your hearing in for more information.

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how long does it take after the hearing to get a decision???


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Hi Chuck,

Unfortunately, there really isn't a black and white answer for that. I would recommend regularly checking in to the status of your decision.

Dee (not verified)
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Had my hearing six weeks ago, my attorney said it went great. Can anyone please tell me where I go online to check the status of decision? Or is there even a site for this. Not going to get to happy until a letter is in my had that states approved. But as you all know money is really low. thx


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Hi Dee,

I would contact your attorney and see if they have received a decision. They typically find out if you were approved before you do. Good luck!

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