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Lost and looking for answers

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Lost and looking for answers

Currently I seeking advice as I was advised by my doctor to apply for both VA disability and SS disability. Currently, I being treated in the VA system. The major problem is HLA B-27. I periodically breakout in inflammations in the back and eyes leading to weeks where I can barely work or not work at all especially if it occurs in the eyes. Other problems attributed to this cause is that I have the subset named reactive arthritis. Other problems that the VA diagnosed are major depression, bipolar, and a form of social anxiety. The last may sound funny, but in my case I completely overreact when around even 1 stranger and even being around family sets it off.

There is one other item that the VA has been trying to isolate but haven't isolated a cause/problem. Frequent passing out at random times. My VA doctor is currently in the process to have a heart monitor implanted. Wearing the harness for 5 days was inconclusive as I wasn't able to trigger the record button as I passed out before I could push the button to record and a subsequent 5 day session with a continual recording didn't result in passing out to be recorded. The VA (in my primary care's possibility explanation to me) is currently focusing on either a heart problem (most likely,) neurological disorder (likely,) or a chemical imbalance (not likely, but possible.) It has stumped him and the specialty doctors as there is no set activity I am doing when it happens. And it has happened at the VA clinic twice while waiting for appointments but I was coming to before they could get me hooked up to a monitor.

The reason why I am asking for advice is that I am technically still employed. I am just not allowed to return to work until I am fully cleared medically. And as the conditions have been getting worse over the last 2 years, I have been working under medical restrictions for well over a year. The VA doctors have signed a limited release to go back to work under restriction but the company won't accept that as the position I held has no more wiggle room for accommodations as passing out or being limited in movements place co-workers at risk. As they have just been through a layoff, there is no position I can transfer to with my skill set. Getting another job has been very difficult as my work history shows the increase in my health problems.

Due to how it is going at the moment, what are my options? The VA has already said that I would be approved for disability under their program- but that would take time to determine the percentage level of the disability and if can be considered service or non-service related. He advised me to apply for SSDI due to having the genetic disorder that either limits work or prevents me from working for long periods at a time. As he already advised me, my options under the VA would be fully explained (appointment is in two weeks with a VA social worker then a VA disability specialist.) But he advised me to check into SSDI qualifications and application as my chances are being listed as over 100% disabled under their system and probably listed as not able to work until the passing out problem is identified and a treatment regime developed to prevent inflammation breakouts.

Any advice would be helpful.

Hi there,

Hi there,
You may want to speak with a disability advocate or attorney, they can help you through the process and ensure that you get the best chance of being awarded benefits. You can get in touch with one by filling out the form on the left, or by filling out the form here:

Charles Hobson
I just left a nursing home

I just left a nursing home rehab. I did a change of my new address. Will my benifits go to my new address

Hi Charles,

Hi Charles,

They should but you should notify the SSA that you changed addresses.


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