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Should I switch from SSI to SSDI ?

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Should I switch from SSI to SSDI ?

I have been permanently disabled since i was 18.
I started working part time a few years ago and in a year and a half i will have enough work credits to switch to ssdi.
The good thing about that is they stop taking money away from me based off how much i make.
What scares me though is if they base they ammount of ssdi i get a month off the amount of money i have earned, thats not going to be a lot of money.
I have to walk a tight rope where i cant earn too much or too little.
But by doing that and then switching to ssdi, am i going to get less money a month than i would just staying on ssi?
And what happenes to the SSA i get from my father?
Its scary and i kinda just want to quit work over the fear of making things worse.
Any insight you might have would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hi there,

Hi there,
If you're receiving benefits based off of your father's work record, then you are receiving SSDI benefits. You may also be receiving SSI benefits based on your income as well. It might be a good idea to speak with your local SSA office regarding this, you can find a listing of them here:

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