Non custodial in Salem oregon

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Hello I'm a frustrated custodial parent to a beautiful 12 yr old daughter.her dad has only paid 155$/ month because he lied and told judge he had no gas or money for water and would you believe they fell for it and closed the entire case and only pays towards the arrears (40,000$!) I see him and his girlfriend on Facebook with a new house,car,and offering to pay anyone $$$ to help them build a new deck for their house. How can I get them to open and make a current order and get more financial help.hes seen her once in her life and never sends a birthday or Christmas card at least.he is totally playing the system..thats why he won't marry either...plese help!!!

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to collect evidence that your ex is able to pay child support based on his income.

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