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i was approved for disability in april 2017 ,i want to ask for reconsideration of the onset date that i was found to be disabled,my question is ,if i do appeal and ask that the date of disability be changed ,and they find me not disabled,can they take back the money that i was awarded /approved for in my original application ? i was told thay may find you not disabled if you lose the appeal,how can they do that ,they will be looking at the same evidence they approved me for originaly.can any one help with some information,so i can decide to appeal or not. thanks gary from ky ,im 64 be 65 in nov,i think this is why i got approved in the first place.

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Hi there,
The SSA can ask for the return any money that they had determined they had overpaid you.

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I filed in October 2017. My attorney set my onset date as 1/2013...I received a letter saying I was approved for SSI and SSDI. On 8/2/2018 They put my onset date 4/4/2018.
I turned 62 that day, and received my approval letter a week later. I went ahead and went to the SS office to find out what I needed to do next. (Only because my attorneys office had a big turn over, and it has been hard to get anyone to return calls, and I showed up for appt. and the person I was seeing wasn’t there and never even gave me a courstey call.) So I went ahead and accepted the onset date that SSD gave me. So, I was told I will receive no back pay for my SSDI.
But for my SSI I will receive some not sure how much. It will be from 5/18-8/18....Question? Will my attorney still receive his 25% PLUS FEES of my SSI BACK PAY
I was married to my first husband 161/2 years than divorced
Married again but less than 10 years. My first husband is retired and draws his SS could I draw my SSDI off of his because he made a lot more than me? My SSDI is only going to be 1069
Monthly. Thank you

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