HELP! Approved SSDI by judge, but had too much assets, now gone & in dire need!

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I was awarded SSDI and judged disabled by a judge in 2012 for a case opened in 2009 for my heart condition and Multiple Sclerosis. Meanwhile, was separated from abusive spouse but it took 5 years for divorce to be final. However, during the divorce process - and not long after I got my first SSDI checks, I was denied further benefits by local SS office because the spouse inherited large amount of stocks, money, and cashed in his retirement (without my knowledge or any of my portion). He blew through the money and I had no access to his finances, but local office demanded I provide reciepts for every expenditure! Divorce judge put in final judgement that I was not responsible for husband's debts - and that I did not have access to his money - including what should have been my half of retirement account.
He awarded me a small portion left of the retirement, which mostly went out in legal bills, fines for back taxes spouse failed to file and for down payment of home I purchased with my daughter.
Now, due to medical expenses, plus two hurricanes that wiped us out in the past 1 1/2 years ($4,000 deductible on each!!!) I am down to $1,000 in savings and $45 in checking.
I contacted social security about reinstating my benefits and was told because I had not worked enough in past 10 years, I could not receive my monthly check!n I don't even care so much about retro back pay, I just desperately need a means of support. I cannot even walk well nor use my hands for more than a few minutes of typing or writing.
How can this be correct if I was already judged disabled and have not been able to work since 2009 due to increasingly poor health and disability. I also have worsening cognitive thinking issues? Its not like I am seeking a new case, I am just trying to collect on judgement awarded me now that I fall within the financial guidelines. Can anyone advise or help?
I am desperate!
I live with my widowed daughter and children and due to Hurricane Irma, she has been out of work for 3 weeks (she works on a ship). We don't even have money to replace all the food we lost due to power outage of 6 days during hurricane. I need help but any attorneys I've contacted say they can't help. However, I think this is because there is no back pay - as far as I know - so thus, no money interest in it for them.

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Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear about that! You may want to contact the SSA regarding this as they may be able to give you expedited processing due to your circumstances.

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