Adult child approved for SSI but 0 due to me having a low mortgage?

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My adult son who lives with me was approved for SSI. He pays his share of household expenses. His amount is zero due to my house payment being less than market value rent of the house? Is this accurate, he can be penalized because I was smart and bought a house 20 years ago? TIA

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Hi there,
His housing situation does have an effect on his eligibility for benefits, because of this housing may be counted as in-kind support and as such may reduce benefits due to this.

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My daughter applied ssdi and ssi at the same time. She has ms along with several other things. The judge ruled her disabled. And vocational expert testified that given all these factors there are no jobs in the national economy that the individual could perform. So she is fully favorable for ssdi. She had to move in with her father and I, because she was not working and could not afford to live on her own. Ssi called this morning and wanted to know all our expenses. Then told her she did not qualify for ssi, but stated it was because her ssdi was a 1000.00, and that is why she did not qualify for ssi. I just don't understand all this. Ant advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Wanda,
Because she is living at home, the SSA considers that income for the purposes of determining SSI eligibility. In addition, they also consider her income from SSDI in this, and as such she may be ineligible. In addition, if she has savings over $2000 she would not be eligible for SSI.

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In determining living arrangements, SSI distinguishes between room rent and sharing household expenses. Room rent is a flat rate between the SSI recipient and the homeowner/renter of the dwelling. Sharing is based on the actual total shelter expenses and divided by the number of persons in the house to determine if fair share is paid.

When the mortgage is zero, it might be cheaper for him to be sharing than room rental. Add up gas, electricity, water, sewer, garbage, heating fuel, property taxes to come up with an average monthly amount and divide by the number in the house.

Or determine the flat rate amount you would charge anyone else (not your own child) to rent a room in your house. You get to decide the value of room rent in your house.

SSA has forms for all of this. And none of it has to do with penalizing him because you purchased and paid off a house.

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