Does my mom qualify for disability benefits? sos

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My mom came to the US in 2016. In 2017 she's got a good job elderly care services. All of a sudden she couldn't do her job because of her physical condition. We found out that back in her country she was on disability program already. She had two strokes in 1995 and in 2007, three breast surgeries (cancer), osteoporosis etc..
She is a green card holder, have an alien number, and SSN. Here is my question: Does my mom qualify for disability?

Amber (not verified)
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My mother is incapable of working she has mental problems can she recieve disability? she doesn’t get along well with others she can’t even when she tries. She is kind of illiterate and me and my sister both think she should apply for disability before we loose everything and become homeless for the third time. I really think my mom is mentally disabled and without social security she will probably end up homeless. I am 17 years old with a 2yeat old baby please help


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Hi Amber,

She could be able to qualify for SSI benefits. To apply, you would have to schedule an appointment at your local SSA office.

Roberta (not verified)
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My mom can't work do to her disabilities in her hands and hips. I need help to figure out what we can do for her. Thanks


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Hi Roberta,

If you are looking for financial help for your mother, she may qualify for Disability Benefits. SSDI is based on work credits that she has gained throughout her life. If she has worked and is no longer able to due to her physical condition, this would make her a candidate for Disability Benefits.
If you would like to be put in contact with an attorney who can help you with the process, fill out the following link:

Hope this helps.

Samantha west (not verified)
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hi my names Samantha. About 13 years ago my mom stopped working cause she wasn't in the best of health and she had a bad separation and divorced and has really let herself go to the point im worried sick about her. She won't seem help from a doctor and im afraid im gonna lose her. She lives in a ran down trailer with her two weiner dogs and has nothing but generator power. She doesn't even have water. Before the divorce my mom worked faithfully at several different places for many many years. She has a ged and past tax returns and everything but a doctor s recommendation. Would she possibly qualify for ssi


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Hi Samantha,

It may be difficult for her to qualify for disability benefits if she has not been seeing a doctor. One of the biggest factors in qualifying for disability benefits is meeting specific medical requirements. She would need to meet a listing in the SSA's Blue Book for one of the qualifying conditions as well as provide evidence (like doctor's notes, tests, prescriptions, etc.) to show she medically qualifies.

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