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SSI Disabled Adult Living with Parents/ Paying "Fair Share"

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SSI Disabled Adult Living with Parents/ Paying "Fair Share"

I've been receiving full SSI Disability for the past 5 yrs, while living in my own apartment/paying all my own bills. I have now moved back in with my parents and I need to know how much I have to pay for my fair share in order to continue receiving full benefits?

From research I've gathered online, I've read that it's calculated by adding up the total monthly household expenses and dividing by the # of people in the home. I understand this includes rent, mortgage, gas, electricity, water, food etc.

My parents (who are married) own their home, but did refinance it recently and my Dad pays $1000/mo towards that. Does their refinance count as a "mortgage" by SS Law standards, for which I'm required to pay a portion of? My Mom, who is retired (but not yet receiving SS) doesn't contribute any towards it. My Dad also pays about $200/mo average for all utilities, of which my Mom doesn't contribute to either. I'm buying/preparing/consuming my food separate from my family.

Currently, my brother (who is not on SS) is also living in the home with my parents and I, but it's only temporary while he's shopping for a new house (a few months max). Does he count towards the # of people in the home? He's not paying anything towards household expenses, as my parents are allowing him to put that money towards his new house instead.

So I'm trying to determine which household expenses I'm responsible for, and how many people I should be dividing by to calculate my "fair share"?

Thank you

Hi there,

Hi there,
You may want to contact a local SSA office regarding this as they can go over the details with you and make any changes that they would need to do.

my husband and I are retired

my husband and I are retired and receive ss , we have five disable adult children living at home recently they took the ssi away from the 2 that were receiving it, they have always paid their fair share because obviously we just cant afford 5 extra adults, they all receive SSD, and it seems no matter what I do I can't get the 2 their ssi back, any suggestions

Hi Char,

Hi Char,
I am sorry to hear that. It might not be possible to get SSI with so many additional benefits coming into the house.

I have a son, 32, who is

I have a son, 32, who is obviously disabled. When he was younger he got social security benefits but they stopped at 18. His medical expenses are almost $400k/year and I've been keeping him on my company's group insurance but they are going to drop him because it is costing so much and they say they don't have to insure any family member over age 26.
I have a good paying job and have always had to take care of my son; however, there's no way I can pay for the type of medical care he gets. Can he qualify for medicaid even though he lives in a household that makes more than the minimum? I don't care about the monthly benefits...just medicaid....

Hi Bob,

Hi Bob,

You may want to visit your State's medicaid website. On there you can apply right now and find out if you qualify.

My son has been diagnosed w

My son has been diagnosed w/Autism. He just graduated from high school and lives w/us. I am going to have him apply for Disability; however, since he lives w/us do they qualify him by our income also? or would it be better f or him to live on his own?

Hi Mary,

Hi Mary,

If he is over 18 then his own assets will be taken into consideration for SSI, rather than you and your husbands.

If someone getting SSI is

If someone getting SSI is living with their parents and then decides to move out and live on their own will this effect their SSI?

Hi April,

Hi April,

The SSA will often consider something like free room and board an income. Without this form of "income" it is possible that benefits will change. I recommend discussing the move with your local SSA office because that will allow them to look at the assets and income that the individuals has to get a more exact answer.

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