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Hello everyone,

If someone is receiving SSI and they receive money from roommates for rent and utilities, does that money count toward the $2000 monthly limit?

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Well to start I have been waiting for SSI and ss disability for over 3 and a half years now.i have lost everything in my life I have not seen a dime with back surgery left femer surgery twice broken collar bone rt knee orthoscopic surgical procedures broken fingers 38 stitches in left shin and going blind with pain 24/7 how I mean how does one get money now not tomorrow not next week I mean now to help paying bills where I'm about to get kicked out someone please tell me how.

Dawn (not verified)
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I applied for ssi in Sept. 2014, in Oct. 2017 I had my hearing, and the judge fully approved (what a blessing). When I first went to my attorneys office, back in 2014, my mother went with me. She had told the attorney she would help me out with rent and utilities until I was approved. It would be a loan. She had asked if I would receive back pay if the case went on for a long while. We were told that yes, I would be entitled to back pay if my case was approved at the hearing. I received a letter yesterday stating that although my lawyers fee agreement had been previously approved, it now isn't because there are no past-due benefits. This is after the local ss office contacted me with a phone interview, wanting to know how I have been surviving since my application. I was told by my case manager that they needed a letter from my mother stating the amounts of rent/utilities she helped with, and that the financial help was a LOAN to be re-payed. I sent in what was asked for, and now I have this letter stating there is no past-due benefits.
any advice?


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Hi Dawn,
That loan or loans may have counted as a financial resource for the time you were waiting for benefits, and as such you may not have qualified for back pay because having those funds may have made you ineligible for SSI at that time.

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