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How does SSDI offset against a workers comp settlement? My wife is going to be getting about $60,000 in back pay from 2014 to present. How will SSI look at that?

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Hi there,
I could not say, if your wife is receiving SSDI then it may not affect it, if you're receiving SSI it would affect eligibility as eligibility is based on income and financial resources.

Gloria (not verified)
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I recently won my appeal and will get a lump sum back pay check that covers years I lived with my dad. My dad paid for all my expenses. Two months ago he died. A friend told me my back pay might have to go to my dad’s estate because he paid for everything. Really?


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Hi Gloria,
I'm sorry to hear about that! Please accept my condolences. I could not say, that would depend on if you had made any agreements with your father regarding paying back expenses for this period of time.

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