Will a car accident settlement make me NOT eligible for SSI ?

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Hi, I hope someone can please help me. I have been waiting for almost 3 years for SSI hearing with ADJ and just received a letter that Feb 15 I will have my appeal hearing. Meanwhile, I was just asked if I would like to settle a claim due to injury for car accident . I am 20 yers old and was injured 2 years ago. I have been waiting ad really not sure what to do ? If I accept the settle than I may not be eligible for SSI possibly form what I have been reading.

Can you please tell me how it works with SSI and money ? I am not sure and would like to please know if you have money and spent it within 30 days can I still be eligible ? I really need the SSi since I can not work or do much of anything.

Iam trying to ask if the judge approved my SSI and I have received a settlement within 30 days of my AJG meeting , will I be denied or do they allow you to spend any money and still be eligible ?

Thanks so much for helping me .

I am sick with worry, wow, what timing! Thanks so much !

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Hi there,
A settlement may make you ineligible as the settlement would be regarded as income the month that you receive it and a financial resource for the months afterward. However, that is not permanent and you may become eligible for SSI after those funds are spent.

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