Is there any way for me to keep my benefits when I get married?

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I'm a 22-year old autistic and mentally and physically ill transgender man who has never worked. I get disability through the disabled adult child thing because my mom has SSDI and she worked as a nurse for over 20 years. I've been on disability since I was 19, and there is absolutely no way I could make enough money to support myself by working; I'm sick far too much of the time to be a reliable worker.
I'm engaged now, and I've recently discovered that because I'm a disabled adult child, and not on actual SSI or SSDI I will lose my benefits when I get married. Is there any way I could switch to regular SSDI or SSI or a way I could avoid losing my only source of income upon getting married? My fiancee only makes minimum wage so he won't be able to support both of us; he can barely support himself and with all my medical bills there's no way we can afford not having insurance, and his job doesnt have benefits.
I really want to marry him but I will die or cause my family to go into debt if I lose my disability benefits and medicare/medicaid.

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Hi there,
You may be eligible for SSI based on income and financial resources.

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Hi, I've been waiting two months almost. I have representation, however truly feel as though I've been rode hard and and hung up wet! My legal representation ( large firm), I did not even meet until 15 minutes before hearing and the judge was very kind to me, he was not too impressed with legal counsel and told her so, stating 3 days was NOT sufficient time for one of my doctor's that we were awaiting records on ( I assumed they had these already since I had asked repeatedly) the attorney stated that it wasn't her fault? I personally think that's not too professional. Of course at the end of hearing with the judge giving her two weeks to wrap this up, my husband and I were quite upset. She walked out to my husband asking if he had a problem, then stormed away with me begging her to please talk to me. I managed to get records on my own in less than a week. In so tired, and I've been so sick. I want to tell the head of the firm, the man that took my case but have refrained for fear of what might happen if my attempt to enlighten him fails??? Just not sure what to expect any more


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I am sorry to hear that. It sounds like you did everything you could and you had an ALJ on your side, which is a great start! It should take about four months to hear back from the SSA regarding your claim.

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