Question on Income while on Disability

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I could not find a forum with questions about a person that is on disability and this was the only one that was close. I was on disability from August 2010 till March 2016. When I contacted SSDI and told them I had found a job and was going to try to return to full-time work. I was told that I had a 9 month Ticket to Work. The operator told me I could make as much money as possible while receiving my full income at my new job for that 9 month period. I didn't believe that I would get paid the full amount while I was working. So, I got her contact information and actually turned the speakerphone on so two of my friends could hear what was being talked about. After 6 months I get a bill of $14,000 from Social Security saying that I had used my 9 months before I started on it in March. Needless to say that $14,000 bill got wiped out after I had an attorney to send them a letter. Now after losing two jobs including the one I came off of. I reapplied and got put back on it in June 2017. So, now here is my questions. I can not live off of the amount I am getting. I am going to go back to work but I will NEVER ever try to come off disability again. Now from doing a search on the internet including S.S.I. Everything I find talks about the Ticket to Work program including the recent one that I just received from SSI. It states; If you are an employee we only count months of earnings over $850 beginning January 2018. So, if I get a job making $840 gross dollars a month. Will my Disability payments be effected at all including in the long run?

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Hi There,

If you whole monthly income which includes Social Security and your work paycheck is below $850, you should be okay.

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