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I am an adult disabled child and have been on disability for 4 years now. I was engaged but found out I would lose all my benefits if I married. My fiance and I chose to have a commitment ceremony instead of losing my income and insurance. He could not afford to support us on his income alone. Now we are discussing trying to have children. Am I allowed to have a child and still qualify for my social security benefits? I am aware with my condition it would be a high risk pregnancy but we still would like to try. It seems unfair that they would be able to prevent me from marrying and having children because of my disability.

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Hi There,

Your benefits may not be taken away all together. Your child may be able to qualify for auxiliary benefits off of your benefits.

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I also have been on disability going on 3 years. I was engaged before I became disabled. Because we couldn't afford my medical bills alone we didn't get married. We been talking about having kids and i know with my condition that I would need a high risk doctor. I am seeking answers if my benefits will stay the same when I get pregnant/ have a baby?


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Hi Cb,

Having kids should not decrease your benefits. If you are receiving SSDI (not SSI), then your child may actually qualify for auxiliary benefits, which can be up to 50% of the amount you are receiving.

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