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Hi Everyone,

I have recently filled out a long form CDR, about 2 months ago I had to also fill out work report, which I did. I am currently working. I started out doing 4 hours weekly, moved to 8, then to 12, then back down to 8 because I was having problems. My question is this: will I likely lose my benefits because I have made these work attempts? I want to eventually get off disability, when I am able to fully support myself, I just haven't got there yet, and am working to get there with my team of doctors. I have been very worried since I mailed my long CDR in. Any advice or information is greatly appreciated.

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SSDI recipients are allowed to try to work, regardless if they make more than the "substantial gainful activity" amount, for a 9 month trial work period. For 2018, the SSA considers any month where a person has a monthly income of more than $850 a trial work month.

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