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How do I apply for benefits for my child with ADHD

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Parents can receive disability benefits for a child with ADHD, but it's quite difficult. These benefits are not automatic and most parents of children with ADHD do not qualify. The SSA limits ADHD benefits to the most severe cases. You can call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or contact your local SSA office to submit an application.

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Hi I want to know we’re can I get an application to get disability benefits


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Hi Lazarus,

It varies on a case by cases basis. Depending on your claim, it can take as little as a few weeks or it can take a months.

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my 4 year old have sickle cell and I wanted to know did she qualify for benifts


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Hi Shakia,

Sickle Cell disease is a qualifying condition in the SSA's Blue Book. Your child will have to meet the outlined qualifications. Your child will have to also technically qualify. SSI is based on household income so if you or any other parent in the household makes a decent income, he/she will not qualify. You can call the SSA at 1-800-772-1213 to find out if you'll qualify based on your specific situation or you can make an appointment with your local SSA office.

Best of luck!

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Does a child with bipolar quality for disability


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Hi Jason,

A child with bipolar disorder may qualify Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The child would have to meet the medical qualifications outlined in the SSA's Blue Book to medically qualify. But the child also has to meet technical qualifications. SSI is based on financial need. So if a parent makes a decent income then the child will not qualify.

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I have a severe Peanut Allergy, Asthma and I sleep with a CPAP machine every night.

I can't get a job because of my health.

Would I be excepted for disability?


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Hi There,

You can qualify for for SSDI benefits with respiratory problems. I would consult with your primary care physician before applying for Social Security benefits.

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I was in a car accident and crushed my vertebrae and crushed my right talus bone in my ankle. I had sugary With a titanium rod set into my vertebrates and pins to replace my Talus bone. Since then I’ve had trouble with pain and swelling in my ankle. In 2014 I reinjured my ankle at work, at the time I was going to school full time also so I had to quit my job to focus on school (my ankle was swelling everyday) since then I’ve developed Neuropathy that has been getting worse. I was wondering if my case would qualify and if I should consider getting a lawyer.

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How do I get my sons disability reinstated? I have recently received a diagnosis of Anklyosing Spondyalitis, Fibromyalgia, DDD, Herniated Discs, Piriformis Syndrome, Facet Joint Arthritis, Sciatica, Severe Tarsal Tunnel in both feet and SIJ disorder. Which as you can imagine has made it hard to work full time. We lost our sons disability when I went to work full time 5yrs ago and was wondering about getting his reinstated.


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Hi Lisa,

If it's been 5 years, you will have to reapply for disability benefits because the appeal time period has passed. I'm guessing his benefits stopped because the household income went up when you began working, so if you are no longer working and the household income is below the threshold and he still meets the medical requirements then he'll likely get approved for benefits again. Best of luck!

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I am not able to work due to my bladder has completely stopped work I have to catheteriz myself 6 times a day I have what is called Detrusor areflexia


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Hi Maryann,

I am so sorry to hear that, if you believe that will cause to be out of work for at least 12 months, you could qualify for SSD benefits.

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does a child with venous malformation a conditions of the veins not formed properly?


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Hi Krysta,

It's possible, but it could be difficult to get approved. If you are applying on behalf of your child you will need to apply for SSI benefits as he or she will not have efficient amount of work credits to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. You will have to apply at a local SSA office to do so.

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Though as per my knowledge parents can receive disability benefits. and its not so difficult all you need to show the medical statements and your child is examined after that.
You can call the Social Security Administration at 800-772-1213 or contact your local SSA office to submit an application.

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