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Hi again - When I submitted my initial application, it mentioned requesting the medical documentation to supply. My doctors had said that Social Security would contact them for all the information. Do I need to collect all this for them? I realize it would be good for me to have - but is it necessary?

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The Social Security Disability examiner will make every effort to obtain medical records from your doctor’s office or hospital, but not all of these files will make it into the hands of the examiner. By obtaining medical records yourself, you will know what medical evidence you have on hand and what information you are still missing. Additionally, you can continue to follow up with the doctor’s office to ensure that they are on top of the medical records request. This is the best way to ensure your claim won't get denied.

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I need my social security number. Trying to apply for something and it needs to see what the number is so I can take it with me


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Hi Ronnie,

We are not affiliated with the SSA or the federal government so we do not know that information. I would try going to your local SSA office. You'll likely need a couple forms of identification with you.

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