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Dependent Back Pay

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Dependent Back Pay

If I get back pay, will my dependents get back pay as well? And will they automatically receive payments or do I need to apply for them separately?

Hello. If Social Security

Hello. If Social Security approves your claim and gives you back pay, you will receive benefits for every month that passed since you became eligible for SSDI. If you have a spouse or dependent children who are entitled to benefits based on your SSDI claim, they will also receive back pay.

Anne L Dolezal
I was approved for SSDI in

I was approved for SSDI in July....My disabled (before age 22) son, was approved in November for Adult Benefits....will he get back pay???

Hi Anne,

Hi Anne,

His awards letter should state if he is receiving back pay or not. It would depend on when the SSA deems as his "date of onset" for his disability and how long between applying and getting proved.

Are my dependent child’s

Are my dependent child’s benefits included in mine or paid separately?

Hi Jamie, Each dependent can

Hi Jamie, Each dependent can receive a monthly payment that is 50% of your own SSDI payment. It should be a separate payment

been receiving ssdi and ssi

been receiving ssdi and ssi payments for over 20yrs and now have 2 kids. do they qualified to receive payments

Hi mshawn,

Hi mshawn,

Your children may be able to receive auxiliary benefits under your SSDI. They will need to be under 18 (or enrolled fulltime in school), unmarried, and your dependents.

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