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SSI, SSDI payment confusion

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SSI, SSDI payment confusion

New payee for an individual who was just approved for SSI and SSDI.

SSI sent a letter notifying us that they are reducing the individuals payments down to $0.00 for Jan 2019 onward because of increased income from social security benefits which I can only guess is SSDI that exceeds 2019's $771.00 SSI payment before deducting medicare premiums. However the individual has child support garnishments affecting what he is getting from SSDI along with medicare premium deduction.

My question is, do the garnishments reduce the SSDI income that is seen by SSI?

Hello. Social Security and /

Hello. Social Security and / or SSI disability benefits can be reduced. Both disability programs allow for reduced disability benefits to be paid if there is an overpayment of benefits. Social Security allows SSDI benefits to be garnished for child support. While SSI can't be garnished, it can be reduced for living changes.

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