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Hi All
I have a question that I hope someone could help with. I’m a resident in Maryland and a year ago was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I’ve had 4 Surgeries, 8 rounds of aggressive chemo, multiple hospitalizations due to breast infections and am currently on a chemo/ immunotherapy drug that has not agreed with me, chemo induced cognitive disorder. I also have a diagnosis of Panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and PTSD. I am also diagnosed with Sjorgens disease. I applied for SSDI and was denied due to having to much resources I suspect they mean income. I’m wondering why they put my claim under SSI verses SSDI and what is the difference for approval. I also called an attorney and because I missed the appeal deadline they would not help me. Does an attorney help with the application process? If not is there anyone that does? Any info would be appreciated
Very frustrated

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Hello. I'm sorry you missed the appeal deadline, but don't worry, an attorney can help you through the entire process! Hiring an attorney upon the first denial can help change those odds, especially if the denial was made over something as simple missing a deadline. An attorney can help submit a reconsideration appeal and will be aware of this deadline to ensure that everything is submitted in a timely manner.

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Need cash for liver disease disable terminal disease


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Hi There!

You may qualify for disability benefits. You should review the Blue Book listing for liver disease with your doctor to see if you meet the medical qualifications. Best of luck!

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