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Qualify? Bipolar, OCD, and Anxiety

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Qualify? Bipolar, OCD, and Anxiety

I was wondering if I'm likely to qualify. I have Bipolar, OCD, and Anxiety. I was able to work until March of last year when I quit for other medical reasons that have since resolved. Since then issues with memory and concentration that I battled previously have significantly working. As well, I can't handle interactions with people in charge. If I'm told I did something wrong, I ruminate on it all day long or find myself unable to keep working. I cry when yelled at. I also start thinking suicidal/self-harm thoughts.

Hello. I'm so sorry to hear

Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about that. You could qualify for disability benefits with bipolar disorder if your disorder is constant and impairs all ability to function in a work environment. In addition, the Blue Book, which states that any individual with a medical history documenting at least two years of any chronic affective disorder, including Bipolar Disorder, can be granted disability benefits.

I've gotten blood clots

I've gotten blood clots twice, now im on blood thinners. can I get disability

Hi Concerned,

Hi Concerned,

To qualify with blood clots, you need to qualify with the condition associated with your blood clots. You can consult the SSA's Blue Book (list of qualifying conditions) with your doctor to see if the condition you are experiencing qualifies for disability benefits.

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