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Apply a second time first time denied

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Apply a second time first time denied

I got denied the first time I have bad seizures heart problems and back problems I just recently applied again how long do I have to wait to hear something

Hello! If you were denied

Hello! If you were denied benefits once, you will likely be denied over and over again no matter how many times you re-apply. If you have submitted new information with that application, you will have a better chance and should take from 30-90 days to hear back. However, a request for reconsideration is another way to pursue disability benefits if initially denied. However, it will probably take about a year to get a hearing in front of an ALJ judge.

I applied in Florida in

I applied in Florida in September of 2017 and got a denial. I was in the process of moving to Indiana so I didn't appeal. So does it go as an appeal if I reapply now? Is it very different from one state to the next?

Hi LH,

Hi LH,

Social Security disability is a federal program so the process does not vary state to state. You should check your denial letter to see if you can still appeal. There is a time limit that you may have exceeded. If you did, you can reapply but it would be a whole new, initial application. Best of luck!

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