Permanent Restrictions After Experiencing A Medical Condition

If you have developed a medical condition that has seriously harmed your ability to function it's likely that you'll be able to get medication that will help you avoid further impairment or even undo some of the harm already done to your body.

The limitations of your condition will be explained in the Blue Book. You will discover what test results, symptoms, treatments, and other information you will require to be eligible for benefits. When applying, use the Blue Book as a guide to determine what medical information and documentation is required.

Work History and Job Skills

If the restrictions you are experiencing will keep you from working in your trained occupation for at least one year you may be qualified to receive monthly payments from the SSA.

The number of work credits accumulated while employed is used to determine whether an applicant is eligible to receive a social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefit. A supplementary security income (SSI) advantage is an option for those with shorter job histories, less savings, and other sources of income.

Can You Perform Sedentary Work?

SSA's disability determination service (DDS) inspectors will look at whether you are capable of performing sedentary work. In certain cases, the DDS can determine that an applicant can still do sedentary work despite the fact that their symptoms prevent them from doing more physical work.

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