Signs Your Disability Claim May Be Approved with Colon Cancer

If you have colon cancer and your medical condition stops you from working for at least 12 months, you may have a claim for disability benefits which could be approved.

Even though it may be obvious that the colon cancer won’t allow you to earn a living you still need to meet the criteria set by the Social Security Administration (SSA) which allows approvals for claims for disability benefits.

There are a few signs that you need to check before submitting your social security disability benefits claim for colon cancer.

Sign 1: You Meet Non-Medical Requirements

Two types of disability payments may be available. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) which is for victims of colon cancer who have a disability which is likely to persist for at least 12 months.

It is only available to those people who have accumulated sufficient work credits while employed. Work credits are built up during an employee’s working life.

For every year worked when FICA taxes are paid into the Social Security system work credits are credited to the employee. These work credits are necessary to be entitled to SSDI as well as other social security benefits. Workers are given 4 work credits for every year worked but in order to qualify for SSDI 20 work credits are needed.

Sign 2: You Have Sufficient Medical Evidence

Some people who have colon cancer are denied disability benefits as they haven’t come up with enough evidence to show that they will be unable to undertake employment for at least one year.

The sort of evidence which should be provided with a disability benefits claim for colon cancer includes your doctor’s reports describing your symptoms that prevents you from working.

You can also include a biopsy report showing the colon cancer diagnosis, surgical notes detailing the tumor removal, details of the chemotherapy cocktails and prescribed medications.

Sign 3: You Cannot Work For At Least 12 Months

If you have the evidence available that you cannot work for at least one year due to your disabling condition caused by colon cancer, you may have one of the signs that you will be approved for disability.

Sign 4: You Meet a Blue Book Listing

Many colon cancer patients can qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA). The disease, the required treatments and the side effects of chemotherapy all prevent you from working.

Some patients recover quite quickly after treatment while others may need constant treatment to relieve the effects of colon cancer. Colon cancer social security disability benefits applications are reviewed under Section 13.18 in the Blue Book.  The cancer must have the following characteristics:

  • be an Adenocarcinoma form of cancer which has returned following treatment and cannot be removed, or
  • be a squamous cell carcinoma which affects the anus and has returned after surgery, or
  • be a small-cell or oat cell carcinoma.

Sign 5: You are Working With a Disability Lawyer

The SSA doesn’t often approve a disability benefits claim without a detailed investigation into each case of colon cancer. If you work with a disability lawyer you have a far higher chance of winning a disability benefits claim.

A lawyer is experienced at knowing the signs that show you may be approved for disability benefits and will ensure you have the evidence to prove you are unable to work for at least 12 months while suffering from the symptoms of colon cancer.

You will find that your disability benefits approved for colon cancer will happen far more quickly if a disability lawyer works on your behalf.

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