5 Signs Your Disability Claim May Be Approved with Lymphoma

If you have missed work for a significant amount of time because of lymphoma, you might qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits.

As a disease that can devastate the spleen and lymph nodes, lymphoma has the potential to spread rapidly and damage other organs in the body.

The result can be the development of severe symptoms that make it impossible to work full-time, if you can work at all.

Receiving financial assistance for lymphoma requires the filing of a claim for disability benefits. Since the Social Security Administration denies more claims than the agency approves, let’s review the five signs your disability claim will be approved with lymphoma.

Sign #1: Meet the SSA’s Non-Medical Requirements

Before you collect and organize the medical documentation you need to submit, you have to meet the non-medical requirements established by the SSA.

The first item on the non-medical list is work credits. In 2021, the SSA awards one work credit for every $1,470 earned in compensation.

When you generate $2,940 in wages or self-employment income, you acquire two work credits that you apply towards Social Security disability benefits. The SSA changes the amount of money that you need to earn for obtaining work credits before the start of every year.

Sign #2: Submit Medical Evidence

At the heart of a claim, getting disability benefits approved for lymphoma requires you to submit medical documentation.

As with any other type of cancer, lymphoma develops in stages, with the most advanced stage making it impossible to continue working.

A physical examination conducted by your physician is the foundation of the medical evidence that you submit to the SSA.

Your oncologist should also remove a lymph node for advanced testing that detects the presence of tumors. Imaging tests such as CTs and PETs discover whether lymphoma has moved to other areas of the body.

Sign #3: Unable to Work

The whole point of submitting a claim for disability is to recover the money lost because of your inability to work.

For a disability claim to get the green light from the SSA, you have to demonstrate that you missed work for 12 consecutive months.

Timekeeping records from your employer and copies of your bank statements should be enough evidence to prove that lymphoma has forced you to stay home instead of earning a living.

Sign #4: Meet the Medical Guidelines Established by the SSA

The SSA follows the medical guidelines published in the Blue Book to determine eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

Like every other form of cancer, lymphoma lists under Section 13.00 of the Blue Book. You not only have to demonstrate that you suffer from lymphoma, but you also have to show the SSA that the symptoms of the disease have caused you to drop out of the workforce.

A constant high fever, chronic fatigue, and intense pain in the neck can combine to give the SSA a valid reason to approve your claim for disability benefits.

Sign #5: You Get Help from a Social Security Attorney

Since the SSA denies a majority of disability claims, the chances are high you will have to file an appeal for reconsideration.

A Social Security lawyer can ensure that you file your appeal before the 60-day deadline. Your attorney also monitors the progress of your Social Security disability benefits claim.

Schedule a free case evaluation with a disability lawyer to get a better idea about the five signs that you will be approved for disability for lymphoma.

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