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Applying for social security disability benefits in the state of Alabama can be rather complex. The application and review process require a significant amount of paperwork. As well, proving eligibility to receive social security disability in AL can be a challenge. Currently, only 30.8% of initial SSD claims filed in the state of Alabama are awarded. Of the nearly 70% of claims that are denied, fewer than 15% of them are awarded during the initial appeals process. Applicants whose reconsideration claims are denied have the option to request that their case go before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) at one of the four Alabama ODAR hearing offices. Applicants go find local ODAR hearing offices in Birmingham, Florence, Mobile and Montgomery.

The average time it takes to have your Alabama social security disability case reviewed by an ALJ is 421 days from the date you submit your initial request to have your case sent to an ODAR hearing office. That’s significantly higher than the national average of 349 days. However, if you decide to take your case to an ALJ, the chances of winning your Alabama social security disability case are better than the national average. While 58.3% of cases are awarded on average nationwide, 62.9% of Alabama SSD cases are awarded at the hearing level.

The approval rate for your local hearing office will vary depending on the ALJs that are assigned to that specific office. Below is a breakdown of the SSD approval rates at local Alabama ODAR hearing offices:

Hearing Office Approval Rate Processing Time in Days
Florence 44.9% 412
Montgomery 49.2% 419
Birmingham 56.9% 445
Mobile 50.0% 407


Serving in the four ODAR hearing offices for the state of Alabama, there are 51 Administrative Law Judges – 14 serve in Montgomery, 17 serve in Birmingham, 7 serve Florence and 13 serve the Mobile community. Despite the fact that there are dozens of ALJs serving in the state, Alabama SSD attorneys who bring cases before the judges on a regular basis will likely have established enough familiarity to effectively present disability cases before the respective judges.Click on the city closest to you for more information on hiring a Alabama Social Security attorney in your area:


You can contact an Alabama disability attorney in your area to receive a free consultation on your social security disability case. Feel free to complete the no-obligation evaluation form located on this site. Initial consultations are always free and SSD attorneys are not paid unless you win your disability case.

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