Alameda Social Security Attorney or Advocate

If you have a disability or illness and can no longer earn a living, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability application process is notorious for being long and complicated. However, residents of Alameda, CA have access to many different disability attorneys and advocates who can help them file a successful claim.

In 2012 alone, attorneys and advocates played a role in helping 27,940 Alameda County residents qualify for SSDI benefits and another 37,457 Alameda County residents qualify for SSI benefits. This statistic refers to the number of Alameda County residents currently receiving benefits at the time—not the number of new recipients.

SSDI—Social Security Disability Insurance—and SSI—Supplemental Security Income—are the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) two main federal benefit programs. Learn more about each of these programs, here.

For further inquiries about SSDI and SSI, contact your local Social Security field office. The office nearest Alameda, California is located at the following address:

Suite 400
360 22nd St.
Oakland, CA 94612

This office is located between Webster Street and Franklin Street. Parking lots and parking meters are available for use. However, on-site parking is not currently available at this location. The bus lines that travel on Broadway and Grand Ave will make stops within two to three blocks of the office.

This office will also handle claimants from the following cities: Oakland, Piedmont, and Emeryville.

Hiring an Alameda Disability Attorney

As previously mentioned, the application process for disability benefits can be overwhelming at times. For this reason we suggest that you hire a qualified attorney or Social Security disability advocates to handle your claim. Professionals agree that having legal help can increase an individual’s chances of approval. This is because an attorney or advocate will already know the ins and outs of the system and will be familiar with the information that will boost your chances of approval.

For more information about having an attorney or advocate on your side, click here.

Note that an Alameda attorney or advocate will also handle applicants from the following places: Oakland, Piedmont, San Leandro, Berkeley, Moraga, Orinda, Ashland, San Lorenzo, Albany, Cherryland, San Francisco, Castro Valley, Lafayette, Hayward, and South San Francisco.

Any other questions you have regarding the legal professionals in your area can be addressed to the following bar association:

Alameda County Bar Association
70 Washington St,
Oakland, CA 94607

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

Alameda Social Security Disability Appeal Hearings

After submitting an initial application for Social Security Disability benefits, there is a good chance that your claim will be denied. If this occurs, do not lose hope. You will have 60 days in which to appeal the decision made on your initial application. Statistics have shown that many more applications get approved during the appeals process than during the initial submission.

The appeals process consists of two different stages—request for reconsideration and the disability appeal hearing. In some parts of California, reconsideration is skipped and the appeals process starts with a disability hearing. If appealing a claim in Alameda, you will likely be required to start with reconsideration. Unfortunately, the majority of claims are denied at this level.

The next step is the appeal hearing—which is held in front of an Administrative Law Judge, or ALJ. Alameda residents will typically be processed in the Oakland hearing office, which is approximately five miles away. At this point in time, it is highly advisable to retain the services of a qualified Social Security Disability lawyer. He or she will greatly increase your chances of approval at your disability appeal hearing.

If your application for disability benefits moves on to the appeal hearing, you will likely be required to wait a significant amount of time before your hearing date. This can cause many issues—financially and medically. In extreme circumstances, if you cannot wait for your hearing, you may wish to look into congressional intervention. This means that you will call your local congressperson to request that he or she intervene with the hearing office on your behalf. While this does not always prove to be successful, it may speed up your hearing date.

Your congressperson is located at:

1550 Oak Street
Alameda, CA 94501

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

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