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Whether you have been injured or have been diagnosed with a debilitating health condition, having a disability can make it impossible to work. If you are facing these circumstances, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability benefits. As of September 2012, Dougherty County was home to 4,733 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients and 3,560 Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) recipients.

While you too may be eligible for disability assistance, it is important that you take the time to research the two disability benefit programs. Learn more about them here.

Any unanswered questions you have about SSI or SSDI can be address by a representative at your local Social Security Disability field office. We have listed a local office below:

235 W Roosevelt Ave
Suite 500
Albany, GA 31701
Telephone: 1-229-430-8400

Hiring an Albany Social Security Disability Attorney

The Social Security Disability application process is known for being lengthy and complicated. Truthfully, it can be very difficult to qualify. For this reason, we advise you to hire an attorney or advocate to help you file your claim. If you take this step, you will not be required to pay your attorney unless you are awarded benefits—even then the SSA puts a limit on the amount of money and attorney is able to charge.

For further information about the advantages that come with having an attorney or advocate, click here.

Even if you reside outside of Albany, Georgia, an Albany disability attorney may be able to help you. Albany attorneys and advocates will also handle claims in the following cities: Dawson, Americus, Cordele, Moultrie, Tifton, Cairo, Thomasville, Bainbridge, Perry, Valdosta, Douglas, Centerville, and Columbus.

To learn more about the legal professionals in your area, contact one of the following Georgia Bar Associations:

C.B King Bar Association
P.O. Box 681 
Albany, GA 31702-0681

Dougherty Circuit Bar Association
225 Pine Avenue, Room 108 
Albany, GA 31701

Macon Bar Association
P.O. Box 123 
Macon, GA 31202-0123

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

Albany Disability Hearings

Although a portion of initial disability applications are approved, many are not. If your initial claim is denied, you will then enter the Social Security Disability appeals processes. If this occurs we highly suggest that you retain the services of a qualified attorney or advocate. He or she will increase your chances of being approved during the appeals phase of the application process.

As part of appealing a denied application, claimants will often have to appear before a judge at a disability appeal hearing. Social Security Disability appeal hearings typically take place in an Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Currently, Albany does not have an ODAR. For this reason, Albany appeal hearings will likely be held in the Macon ODAR.

In the section below, we will provide you with relevant information regarding the Macon office, hearings, and judges. While you may not see the value in this information now, it may prove to be useful if your initial claim is denied.

(This information applies to the hearings held in the Macon office between September 2012 and June 2013.)

  • The Macon ODAR processed 2,318 hearings.
  • 85.42% of Macon hearings were resolved. (meaning they ended in approval, partial approval, or denial)
  • The Macon ODAR has 8 judges.
  • Each judge handles an average of 1.6 dispositions daily.
  • The entire Macon ODAR handles an average of 12.8 dispositions daily.
  • 71.39% of Macon hearings were conducted in person; the rest were held through video conferencing.
  • As of June, 2013 the Macon ODAR had 5,177 pending cases and a wait time of 485 days.

Congressional Intervention

As you may have noted while going through the Macon ODAR statistics, the wait for an appeal hearing can take several months. If you cannot wait for your scheduled hearing date due to extreme medical or financial issues, your local congressperson may be able to help you expedite your hearing date.

To see if this is possible, contact a local congressman or congresswoman and explain your circumstances. If they feel you need assistance they can attempt to intervene with the Macon ODAR on your behalf to have your hearing scheduled sooner.

This only works in extreme circumstances and is never guaranteed. However, requesting congressional intervention will not negatively impact your disability case in any way.


Your local congressperson is listed below and can be reached at the following mailing address or telephone number:


920 Highland Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31701
Phone: (229) 883-8537

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