Austin Social Security Attorney or Advocate

When applying for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), many Texans turn to an Austin Social Security attorney to get the information they need to achieve success with their disability claim. A disability attorney works as an advocate, striving to provide resources, information, and legal representation when the Social Security Disability application process demands it.

Whether you are filing for disability benefits for the first time, or you have already applied and been denied, it would be wise to consider hiring an attorney to help you through the duration of the process. Because the SSA rejects an estimated 60 percent of all first time applications, you may just need the guidance and know-how of an Austin Social Security Disability lawyer to finally get the benefits that you deserve.

The city of Austin is the capitol of the state of Texas, and it has a population of approximately 786,000 people. Austin is a strong economic center in the region and the city has become a center for government, technology and business.

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Many companies call this city home, including Freescale Semiconductor, Whole Foods Market, Dell, Forestar Group, and many other Fortune 500 companies. The quality of life is good, the entertainment options are plentiful, and the many and diverse cultural benefits make the city of Austin an attractive place to live.


Applying for Austin Social Security Disability Benefits


If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, it may well be in your best interest to meet with an Austin Social Security Disability lawyer. These lawyers have become incredibly important to helping the many people who live in Austin and the surrounding areas to achieve successful outcomes for their disability claim.

In the state of Texas in 2005, for example, 378,700 disabled workers received benefits from SSA, and those workers received an average disability payment of $924 per month for their care. In addition, children and spouses may also qualify for disability benefits under Social Security, and on average the children of disabled workers received $268 in monthly benefits while spouses received $471 a month.

As you can see, there is a real opportunity for residents of Austin, Texas to get Social Security Disability benefits. Often, the first step in the process is to get in contact with an attorney for a free, no-obligation disability evaluation of your case. The attorney will work on your behalf to look at the facts of your case, and he or she will determine if your situation, including the disability you have, is likely to qualify for disability benefits. If you decide to move forward with a disability claim, the attorney will be available to advise and represent you throughout the duration of the process.


Hiring an Austin Disability Attorney


An Austin disability lawyer will first help you to complete an application for Social Security Disability, and this application will have many specific requirements. For example, you will have to provide medical documentation supporting the fact that you are totally disabled according to the strict definition provided by the SSA in its impairment listing manual, or “ Blue Book.” If you do not have the necessary medical opinions, he or she will ask you to use the available Austin social security disability resources to get the necessary evidence.

If the available evidence doesn’t support the fact that you meet these requirements, your attorney will tell you what additional steps you need to take to obtain disability benefits. It is possible that you will have to provide additional information, or that you will need to attend a hearing about your case. Should this prove necessary, your Austin Social Security attorney will attend to represent you at hearing.

It is often the case that individuals turn to an Austin Social Security lawyer only after they have received a denial of benefits. While many SSDI or SSI applicants become discouraged after a denial at the initial stage of application, it is quite possible to move forward with your claim simply by filing a disability appeal. Your attorney will provide you with the resources and information you need to do that, such as determining why your claim was originally denied and providing you with help to overcome that problem.

A Austin Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Travis County, Bastrop County, Lee County, Williamson County, Burnet County, Blanco County, Hays County, and Caldwell County: Shady Hollow, Dripping Springs, Lost Creek, Manor, Jollyville, Wells Branch, Round Rock, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Pflungerville, Wyldwood, Burnet, Leander, San Antonio and Lakeway.

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