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Heart disease, accidental injury, cancer... These are all just examples of unexpected tragedies that can strike anyone at any time. When these things do happen, they often result in an inability to work. The resulting lack of income can put an individual under serious financial stress. With no way of earning a paycheck, there is no way to cover the bills.

State-funded assistance programs, if available, are often lacking and often can't even meet a human's most basic needs. Fortunately, in cases such as these, Social Security Disability benefits can help. The only problem is, actually obtaining disability benefits isn't as easy as one would think. If you are in need of Social Security Disability benefits in the Brandon, Florida area, you should consider the services of a Brandon Social Security Disability attorney. These attorney's stay completely up to date with all policies and acquiescence rulings.

Brandon's economy has a rich and interesting history. The very first business to open in Brandon was a general store owned by Dan Galvin. In 1925 the town's “main street” opened up and businesses began building along the road including the city's first gas and service station. Prior to the great depression,

Brandon was also known for its chicken farms. However, the last chicken farm closed as the economy took a blow. After World War II Brandon began to experience slow growth and new businesses began to establish themselves. By the 1950s, Scogin's opened their store in the city and in 1953 the first doctor's office opened. In 1959 the Brandon Chamber of Commerce was formed, spurring fast-paced economic growth in the area.

Today, there are more than 2,500 businesses that are located within the city limits. In the City of Brandon, the median household income is $50,867 while the annual cost of living is 8 percent lower than the rest of the nation.

Applying for Brandon Social Security Disability Benefits

There are more than 100,000 Florida residents who make their homes in Brandon. In the State of Florida, approximately 4.1 percent of the population receives Social Security Disability benefits with an average disability benefit amount of $1,068.10 per month. Unfortunately, while this payment can help many of Brandon's disabled workers, it takes the average Brandon Social Security Disability applicant more than two years before seeing a single payment from the Social Security Administration.

Why does it take so long for Brandon disability applicants to receive Social Security Disability benefits? The extensive processing times are due to the fact that the Social Security Administration denies approximately 70 percent of the disability claims that they receive each year. These applicants must then file a disability appeal in order to overturn the SSA's decision to deny them benefits.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

Because so many applicants must go through this appeal process, the wait for a disability hearing (a process that is required for most disability appeals) is exceptionally long. The office that is in charge of scheduling disability hearings for Brandon Social Security Disability applicants is located in Tampa. It takes the Tampa office an average of 682 days from the date of the hearing request to schedule a disability hearing for a Brandon disability applicant.

Hiring a Brandon Disability Attorney

If you do not want to wait two years or more before receiving Social Security Disability benefits, your best bet is to retain the services of a Brandon Social Security Disability lawyer. A Brandon Social Security attorney can help you prepare your disability claim, ensuring that the application questions are answered properly and that you have sufficient medical evidence to support your claim for disability benefits. This will all ensure that your disability claim is submitted in the best light possible to the Social Security Administration.

If, for some reason, the SSA does not approve your claim, or your claim has already been denied, a Brandon Social Security lawyer can help you through each and every stage of the disability appeal process.

Most disability appeals consist of two stages including a Request for Reconsideration and a disability hearing. In nearly 80 percent of cases, a reconsideration request will be denied, resulting in the need to file for a disability hearing. The good news is that nearly two-thirds of disability appeals are awarded to disability applicants at the hearing stage of the appeal process.

When preparing for your disability hearing, it is crucial that you have proper legal representation. Statistics show that you are much more likely to win your case if you work with a Brandon disability attorney instead of trying to muddle through the process and represent yourself. Your attorney will help you understand the hearing process, know what to expect at the hearing and advise you regarding how you should respond to any of the questions that are asked of you.

A Brandon Social Security Disability attorney will also handle disability claims in cities located the areas of Carrolwood, Dade City, Lakeland, Sebring, Tampa, Valrico and Winter Haven.

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