College Station Social Security Attorney or Advocate

College Station (Brazos County) disability attorneys and advocates are available to help individuals who are out of work due to a disability apply for SSDI or SSI benefits from the government. To qualify for either program, you will have to prove that you are medically as well as financially eligible for benefits. You can learn more about the financial eligibility criteria for SSDI and SSI here. Currently there are 2,705 individuals receiving SSDI benefits and 3,329 individuals receiving SSI benefits in Brazos County.

You can apply for benefits either online or at your local Social Security Administration (SSA) office. The SSA office that serves College Station residents is located at:

2120 W Briargate Dr
Bryan TX 77802

This office also serves the residents of Buffalo, Centerville, Jewett, Leona, Midway, Oakwood, Bremond, Plantersville, Anderson, Bedias, Caldwell, Calvert, Chriesman, Concord, Deanville, Flynn, Franklin, Hearne, Iola, Kurten, Lyons, Madisonville, Marquez, Millican, Mumford, Navasota, New Baden, Normangee, North Zulch, Richards, Roans Prairie, Shiro, Snok, Somerville, Wellborn and Wheelock.

College Station Disability Lawyers

College Station social security attorneys not only help individuals apply for social security, but they also represent them throughout the appeals process if their claim is denied. It is not required to have an attorney during any stage of the process, but it can prove to be very beneficial. The attorney or advocate does not get paid unless you are successfully awarded benefits. Click here to learn more about the pay structure of a disability attorney.

A College Station disability lawyer can also help disability applicants in the areas of Angleton, Brenham, Bryan, Galveston, Houston, McAllen, and Pasadena.

Please contact the Brazos County bar association if you have any questions about hiring an attorney in College Station.

Brazos County Bar Association P.O. Box 5801
Bryan, TX 77805

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College Station SSD Hearings

The SSA has a very strict guideline on how it evaluates initial claims for benefits. As a result over 60% of initial claims are denied. Over 80% of claims are denied in the request for reconsideration stage of the application process. The stage in which most applicants are approved for benefits is the disability hearing stage. During the disability hearing stage, you will have the opportunity to present evidence and explain why you deserve disability benefits. All College Station residents will have their hearings held at the Houston Bissonnet hearing office. Since College Station is almost 100 miles away from Houston, the SSA will reimburse any costs associated with traveling to the hearing.

Unfortunately, the SSA is very slow in having hearings scheduled. This is due to the fact that a lot of cases are denied at the initial claim. It can take up to a year to have a hearing scheduled. If you cannot wait that long due to a severe medical or financial condition, you can contact your local congressman to see if he or she can intervene to have the hearing moved up. The congressman for the College Station area is located at:

3000 Briarcrest Drive
Suite 406
Bryan, TX 77802
(979) 703-4037

For more on disability benefits in Texas, see our page on How To Qualify For Disability Benefits In Texas.

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