Dundalk Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Dundalk, Maryland was one of the first and closest suburbs to develop out of the thriving metropolis of Baltimore, Maryland. With a population of 63,000, it is also the largest unincorporated community in the entire state. The largest steel mill in the world is located in Dundalk, making steel one of its top industries. Dundalk is also the home to a marine terminal large enough for 9 vessels. Manufacturing, another major industry in Dundalk, includes electronics, automotive parts, as well as yachts.

More than 14,800 residents of Dundalk were reported as disabled in 2000 and more than 297,000 Maryland residents are receiving Social Security Disability. These statistics will only continue to grow if the trend follows that of the nation of a whole. Disabilities are hard to live with, and often impossible to work or maintain employment with.

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program run by the SSA can help those who are disabled find the financial relief they need to meet their daily needs and cover the expenses (related to activities of daily living) their disability has caused.

Applying for Dundalk Social Security Disability Benefits

Dundalk residents who are physically or mentally disabled and expect to be out of work for at least 12 months, should apply for Social Security Disability benefits with the assistance of a Dundalk Social Security attorney. If you file for SSDI, you are not required to hire a Dundalk disability lawyer, but it is highly encouraged by both the SSA and advocates for the elderly and disabled to increase your chances of being approved for disability benefits.

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To qualify for SSDI, you must meet minimum previous work requirements, fall below the maximum income requirements, and prove that your condition is severely disabling to the point that you are unable to maintain employment. The SSA evaluates your medical documentation using its Blue Book Listing of Impairments as the standard.

You must present a solid diagnosis of your condition using the Listing’s approved diagnostic methods and tests. All of this can seem daunting to someone who has never been disabled or had to file for disability benefits before.

Hiring a Dundalk Disability Attorney

Without the professional assistance of a Dundalk Social Security Disability attorney, your chances of receiving disability benefits from the SSA, no matter how qualified you may be, greatly decrease. The SSA’s standard for first time applications is high, as evidenced by the 30% approval rate. Most applicants are forced to file a Request for Reconsideration, the step which has an even worse approval rate. The best hope of a benefits approval for disabled Dundalk residents is at the disability hearing. At this level, it is extremely helpful to have a Dundalk Social Security lawyer to represent your case.

A Dundalk Social Security Disability lawyer has ample disability cases in his portfolio from which to draw a wealth of knowledge about how best to present your medical and vocational evidence to the SSA. This is especially helpful if you have no experience in dealing with the SSA, which is true of most applicants. A Dundalk disability lawyer will even be able to tell if the wording of your diagnosis and physical abilities is in the format the SSA prefers, and ensure you have enough proof for your disability.

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