Frederick, MD Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Millions of Social Security Disability claims are processed throughout the nation each year and those which are handled by a Frederick Social Security attorney have a higher chance of being approved in the state of Maryland. Only about 45 percent of claims are approved following the initial review by the Baltimore Disability Determination Services (DDS) office and even then, there is an average wait time of about 13 months before you’ll have an answer regarding your eligibility to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

The Baltimore DDS sees about 16,000 new initial applications annually and another 5,000 plus reconsideration requests, which is why the process can take so long to complete. Given the time-frame of the initial review, it is essential that your application be as complete as possible, containing all of the documents necessary to expedite the review and approval of your claim for SSD.

This is exactly what a Frederick Social Security lawyer can do for you – ensure that your application meets the standards for eligibility under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines for SSD.

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Frederick, MD has a total population of about 56,000 individuals. Of the populous between the ages of 21 and 64, about 8,024 people were disabled as of 2000. The economy of the area is driven largely by management, professional and administrative positions, though the manufacturing and construction industries also account for significant employment opportunities in the region.

Applying for Frederick Social Security Disability Benefits

Disabled individuals may have previously worked in any of these fields as well as other areas of the workforce, including sales positions and service oriented fields. Regardless of the field in which you were once employed, in order to qualify for SSD, you must have been unable to work due to a long term or permanent disability which has prevented you from holding a job for a period of 12 months of more prior to the submission of your initial application for disability benefits.

While many individuals decide to file their initial SSD application without the assistance of a Frederick Social Security Disability attorney, those who do have legal help from the start of the application process are more likely to be approved during the initial review process. If denied benefits after the initial review, you must request a second review.

The reconsideration process also takes place at the Baltimore DDS office and the majority of applicants are also denied at this stage, particularly if they do not have the assistance of a Frederick Social Security Disability lawyer.

After a denial upon reconsideration, the claim must then be appealed, which will send it into the administrative law review process where it will be reviewed by an administrative law judge (ALJ) for final determination on eligibility. A Frederick disability lawyer can walk you through the second review and will argue your case before the ALJ, significantly increasing your chances of being found eligible for SSD benefits.

Hiring a Frederick Disability Attorney

Most who decide to file their initial claim without the help of a Frederick disability attorney do so because of financial concerns. After all, being disabled for a year or longer puts a real strain on people financially. Most don’t realize that seeking legal help with a Frederick Social Security attorney doesn’t cost anything upfront and that no legal fees are paid to the lawyer unless you’re approved for SSD benefits.

In fact, the Frederick Social Security lawyer is not entitled to payment from you unless you begin receiving SSD benefits and it is only when you get your lump sum distribution of retroactive SSD benefits that the attorney is paid. He or she is then entitled to 25 percent of your retroactive payments up to a maximum of $6,000.

If you haven’t yet filed your initial claim for SSD, you may want to consider contacting a Frederick Social Security Disability attorney now. Even if you’ve already filed your claim and have been denied benefits, it’s not too late to get help from a Frederick Social Security Disability lawyer. Doing so now can increase your chances of being found eligible for benefits.

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