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About Garden Grove, California

Garden Grove, California is a city in the northern part of Orange County. The city’s population is approaching 175,000, making it one of the larger cities in the outlying region of the Greater Los Angeles Area. The city’s main claim to fame is its annual Strawberry Festival, the second largest festival of its kind west of the Mississippi River. The Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is held every year over Memorial Day Weekend.

The Strawberry Festival draws tourists to the area from all over California and several other states and highlights the region’s agriculture. Besides strawberries, important local crops include chili peppers, walnuts, and oranges.

In addition to the annual festival, Garden Grove is home to an active arts community, with several theaters providing residents with the opportunity to view professional and community theater. Residents enjoy year round opportunities to watch live shows and concerts at a variety of venues, each of which is owned by Garden Grove but independently operated.

The largest employers in the city are Air Industries Corporation and the Crystal Cathedral, a megachurch from which the television and radio ministries of Robert Schuller are broadcast. Other notable employers include Driessen (a company that manufactures interior systems for aircraft), Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, OfficeMax, and GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems.

Many people also live in Garden Grove as a sleeper community and commute to Los Angeles, Anaheim, or one of the other larger cities in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Applying for Garden Grove Social Security Disability Benefits

Garden Grove has seen strong and steady population growth over the last 30 years. Much of this growth has been due to Asian immigration (mostly Korean and Vietnamese), though the community’s population still would have grown without the added immigrant population. The disability rate in Garden Grove is 24.6% among working age adults. While this is somewhat higher than the national average, well over half (55.6%) of those with disabilities in Garden Grove are able to continue performing some kind of meaningful work

Just like any other city or community, Garden Grove has some who have become injured and are no longer capable of working and providing a living for themselves. If you find yourself in this category and need help pursuing your Social Security Disability claim, consider contacting an experienced Garden Grove disability attorney.

For more on disability benefits in California, see How To Qualify For Disability In California.

Hiring a Garden Grove Disability Attorney

The vast majority of disability claims are denied (70%). A Social Security lawyer knows how to put your claim together to make sure that it contains the kind of information the SSA needs to see before they can approve your claim. Often, the difference between an approval and a denial is something as simple as the way certain medical descriptions are worded.

To speak with a local disability attorney or advocate, fill out a free disability review today.

If your claim has already been denied, then you should consider utilizing the Garden Grove Social Security Disability Resources available to you. These almost always end in another denial, though having a Garden Grove Social Security lawyer representing you does improve your chances somewhat, if for no other reason that your Garden Grove disability attorney has a good idea of what the SSA is looking for and what may have stopped your claim from being accepted.

If your claim is again denied, you will have an opportunity to request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. In all reality, this is the point in the disability claims process when most applicants are approved. This is because the hearing represents the one time when you and your Garden Grove Social Security attorney will have the chance to present your case before a living, breathing human being who can look you in the eye and see that your disability is causing you real problems.

Even if you have chosen to represent yourself up until now, consider taking a Garden Grove disability lawyer with you for your hearing. Those who are adequately represented stand a statistically better chance of a favorable determination at a Social Security Disability hearing.

If your claim is denied again at your hearing, your case will be reviewed by a panel of Administrative Law Judges. If your case still is not accepted, you have the option to pursue the matter in Federal court.

A Garden Grove Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County: Fullerton, Santa Ana, La Miranda, La Habra, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Westminster, Tustin, Long Beach, Cypress, Lakewood, Buena Park, Whittier, Fountain Valley, Paramount, and Compton.

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