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Hammond is home to many hard-working American citizens. Each time one of these workers receives a paycheck, there are taxes taken out to pay into the Social Security system – a system that is supposed to provide them with disability and retirement benefits. When these workers come face-to-face with a long-term or permanent disability, they assume that they will be entitled to the Social Security Disability benefits they need in order to make ends meet. Unfortunately, actually obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is a lot more complicated than just filling out an application.

The truth is, as few as 30 percent of the disability claims received by the Social Security Administration are actually approved during the initial stage of the application process. The applicants who are not approved must pursue a lengthy and stressful disability appeal in order to obtain the benefits they need. If you want to avoid the need for a disability appeal or improve the chances of a successful outcome of your disability case, then you need to consider retaining the services of a Hammond Social Security Disability attorney.

The economy of Hammond is diverse and the city unemployment rate is just above the national average coming in at 9.9 percent. The median household income in Hammond $39,786 while the cost of living index is approximately 3 percent below the national average. The city’s top employers include Cargill, Cabelas, Cintas, Horseshoe Casino, St. Margaret Hospital and Lear Seating Corp.

Applying for Hammond Social Security Disability Benefits

Hammond is home to more than 111,000 Indiana residents. In the State of Indiana, approximately 4.6 percent of the population receives Social Security Disability benefits. The average monthly disability payment for a disabled Hammond worker is $982.40 per month. While this benefit amount is lower than many other parts of the nation, it can still significantly offset the financial stress that can be caused by a disabling condition.

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Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that it will take the average Hammond disability applicant nearly two years to complete the disability claim process.

Why does it take nearly two years before a Hammond disability applicant can be approved for the disability benefits they need? The wait times are largely due to the fact that the Social Security Administration denies the majority of claims that it receives each year. Approximately 70 percent of Hammond disability applicants must pursue the disability appeal process in order to obtain the benefits they need. Because there are so many appeals backlogged in the Social Security System, these applicants must wait more than a year before being seen by an administrative law judge for a disability hearing.

Hiring a Hammond Disability Attorney

Hiring a Hammond Social Security Disability lawyer during the initial stage of the application process can increase your chances of an approval and reduce the likelihood that you will have to pursue a disability appeal. Your Hammond Social Security attorney will work with you to review your Social Security Disability claim, ensuring all of the forms are filled out properly and that you have provided the SSA with enough objective medical evidence to prove your disability to the adjudicator who will be reviewing your file. If, for some reason, your Social Security Disability application is still denied, a Hammond Social Security lawyer will work with you through each stage of your disability appeal.

If your initial claim for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, the first thing your Hammond disability attorney will do is submit a Request for Reconsideration to the Social Security Administration. It is important, however, that you understand that this request is likely to be denied by the SSA. However, once this stage of the appeal process has been completed, your lawyer will be able to prepare for the most important stage of the disability appeal process which is the disability hearing.

Statistics show that nearly two-thirds of disability hearings are decided in the favor of the applicant. It is important that you understand, however, that the hearing stage of appeals is very complicated and you will need to utilize the services of a Hammond disability attorney if you hope to increase your chances of overturning the SSA’s decision to deny your disability benefits. Statistics also show that applicants who are represented by a Hammond disability lawyer are more likely to be awarded benefits than applicants who are not.

If your Social Security Disability hearing does not result in the approval of your disability benefits, your Hammond Social Security Disability attorney may request a review from the SSA's Appeals Council. Again, this is usually just a formality since the majority of these appeals are not decided in the favor of the disability applicant. It is a step you must take, however, if you wish to take your disability case before the Federal District Court. If your disability claim is taken this far, your attorney will discuss your appeal options with you and the likelihood of your success in such endeavors.

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