Huntington Beach Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Located in southern California, Huntington Beach, CA is a seaside city with a little over 200,000 residents. Famous for its long beach and good surfing, Huntington Beach is known as “Surf City, USA”. Visitors to the city can enjoy the city’s surfing history at the International Surfing Museum.

About Huntington Beach, California

The area where the city is located was originally dependent on local agriculture, specifically sugar beets, for its early economy. The city, which was not incorporated until 1909, was named for railroad magnate Henry Huntington whose real estate company first developed the area.

Oil was later found on the land and became the city’s prime economic industry. Most of the oil reserves in the area have been depleted. However, the city is still linked to the oil industry because it is a terminus for oil tankers supplying refineries with oil from the Alaska Pipeline.

Boeing has a large facility in the city which was constructed to support the U.S. space program. Although the U.S. space program is facing cutbacks due to lack of federal funding, Sea Launch, a commercial space vehicle launch business supported by Boeing, has its administrative headquarters in Huntington Beach. Boeing is the area’s largest employer. Other well known corporations with headquarters or campuses in Huntington Beach include Verizon, Home Depot, and C & D Aerospace.

Unlike much of California’s coastline, Huntington Beach’s waterfront cannot be developed without a vote of its citizens. This restriction has allowed the area to retain wetland marshes, pristine beaches, and nature preserves free of residential and commercial development.

The city’s population is mostly Caucasian with smaller populations of Asians and African Americans. A third of the city’s population is age 45 or older. It is a wealthy city, with only 8% of its children and 4% of its seniors living in poverty.

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Applying for Huntington Beach Social Security Disability Benefits

Many of the city’s disabled seek assistance from government disability programs such as Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. If you are disabled and apply for federal assistance you may find that the initial application can be intimidating. It is important to fill out the application from the time your disability was diagnosed to the present.

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They are interested not only in the diagnosis, but also in how long your doctor believes you will be disabled, in the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor, and in the way you have responded to treatment thus far.

Hiring a Huntington Beach Disability Attorney

Filling out the application and gathering these medical documents can be both tedious and frustrating, especially as you struggle with your disability. Many Huntington Beach residents have found that applying for disability benefits with the help of Huntington Beach Social Security Disability Resources can ease this process.

A Huntington Beach Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Diego County, San Bernadino County, and Ventura County. Fullerton, Santa Ana, La Miranda, La Habra, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Tustin, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Westminster, Tustin, Long Beach, Cypress, Lakewood, Buena Park, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, Whittier, Fountain Valley, Paramount, and Compton.

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