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Having a population of around 141,943, Lakewood, Colorado is one of the more peopled cities in the western state. Located west of Denver, Lakewood was not officially incorporated as a city until 1969, although it was first founded in 1889. Before the incorporation, Lakewood relied on the police and fire departments of the surrounding cities.

In the earlier years it began to grow rapidly, notably after the first electric tramway was built in the town. In 1941, Lakewood received one of the largest federal government contracts in Colorado and the Remington Arms ammunition factory was subsequently established. The factory now hosts the Federal Center of Denver.

Most of the jobs available for Lakewood residents tend to be white collar jobs. Only about 20% are blue collar, which suggests a certain amount of physical labor. The Denver Federal Center is the main employer, with The Jefferson County school district coming in as a close second.

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The majority of people living in Lakewood hold down careers in management, sales and service industries. As far as blue collar jobs are concerned, over half of them are in the construction and maintenance fields. Colorado Christian University is located in Lakewood, and recreation for the populace is often related to the many parks in the city.

Applying for Lakewood Social Security Disability Benefits

The number of disabled persons living in Lakewood is approximately 16% of the total population. This number is comparable to the national average. Out of that 16%, 68% of those are employed. This means that one third of the disabled populace is out of work. This is unfortunate in a city with so many non-labor intensive jobs available. However, even with the number of white collar jobs available to residents, there may be some people so disabled that it is hard for them to perform work duties of any sort.

The Social Security Administration has set up a disability benefits program to help these people receive the financial help they need to live. If you have a severe disabling condition you may have attempted to receive benefits from the SSA. Regrettably, many people are denied help at first. One of the best options is to contact a Lakewood Social Security lawyer to help you fight for your benefits.

Hiring a Lakewood Disability Attorney

A Lakewood disability attorney is well-versed in the process of filing for disability and can aid you throughout the procedure. Many people find that their chances of receiving the benefits they deserve increase dramatically when they have representation by a Lakewood Social Security Disability lawyer. More often than not, a person might be denied help because of minute details, including out of order paper work or improper documentation.

If you have already been denied disability benefits you can still hire a Lakewood Social Security attorney to be of assistance during your appeals process. Surprisingly, most people are initially refused help and only receive the benefits they deserve after going through the appeals process.

Simply having a Lakewood disability lawyer aid you in your case does not guarantee you will automatically be approved to receive benefits. However, it certainly increases your chances. Life with a disability can be stressful enough without having the added strain of a lengthy procedure you must face alone. This is why it is recommended you find help from a Lakewood Social Security Disability attorney from the very beginning.

They can help you make sense of the whole process and make sure you have the correct documents in order. Best of all, your consultation with a Lakewood disability attorney is free and you will not owe any money until your disability claim is approved and you are getting the benefits you need. After that, your Lakewood Social Security lawyer will not be paid out of your monthly benefits. Instead, he or she will take a percentage of the back pay that is already indebted to you.

When applying for disability is highly recommended that you check out the Lakewood Social Security Disability Resources available to you.

One such resource, a Lakewood Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Denver County, Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, Park County, Teller County, Douglas County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Broomfield County, Gilpin County, and Boulder County: Aurora, Berkley, Edgewater, Evergreen, Twin Lakes, Brighton, Columbine, Leyden, Denver, Evergreen, Engelwood, Commerce City, Highlands Ranch, Westminster, Thornton, Northglenn, Golden, Boulder, Glendale, and Wheat Ridge.

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