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Applying for disability benefits can be tricky. The Social Security Administration defines disability within narrow parameters, and before you can qualify for Social Security Disability, the onus is on you to prove that you qualify as completely disabled. Most who apply for Social Security Disability would be well advised to seek the help of a Laredo disability attorney.

The process of applying for Social Security benefits can get complicated, especially during the disability appeals process. Most of the steps in the appeals process are time sensitive. The vast majority of claimants are better off trusting their disability claims to a Laredo Social Security lawyer, who is thoroughly familiar with the ins and outs of the Social Security Administration.

Less than a third of disability claims are accepted when they are first filed. It is important that you stay the course when filing for disability and make sure that you follow each step of the appeals process in a timely manner. Having a Laredo Social Security Disability attorney handle these affairs for you can save you time, hassle, and in most cases, money.

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Not only can your Laredo disability lawyer ensure that you get all of the benefits which are coming to you, but he can also generally help you navigate the appeals and claims process much more swiftly.

Laredo, Texas is located on the Border of the United States and Mexico. It is one of the communities which benefited the most from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as nearly half of all commerce from the United States to Mexico passes through Laredo, as well as nearly a third of the commerce passing from Mexico into the United States.

Laredo’s location on the Mexican border lends itself towards a large population of Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American citizens. Over 90% of the population of Laredo speaks Spanish as their first language, although most residents also speak English. It is important to note that all Social Security documentation is available in Spanish for those who prefer it. Many Laredo Social Security Disability lawyers speak Spanish and are familiar with the unique challenges faced by immigrants when applying for disability benefits.

Over 20% of Laredo residents have a disability. Nearly half of disabled persons in Laredo are employed, but for those who are completely disabled and unable to work, a Laredo disability lawyer can be a godsend when crossing through the tricky Social Security Administration process.

Contrary to what many may think, immigrants can and often do receive Social Security Disability benefits. In order to qualify, of course, an immigrant must be here legally. Additionally, he or she needs to have been in the country for five years before claiming disability. Here again, your Laredo Social Security Disability lawyer can help you with every aspect of your disability claim and, if needed, the appeals process.

Here’s what you can expect if your initial claim is denied:

  • First, don’t be discouraged. The majority of claims are denied at first usually due to a lack of medical evidence. Thus, if you need to get more medical proof, make sure you the Laredo SSD resources to gather the necessary evidence. Although a Laredo Social Security attorney improves the likelihood that your claim will go through, you still face the very real possibility that you will need to go through appeals. If your claim is denied, the first step is to apply for reconsideration. You can have your Laredo disability attorney do this for you if you have legal representation.
  • If your reconsideration is not accepted, you can apply for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. The hearing is the stage where most claims are accepted, and you will want to make sure that you have a Laredo Social Security Disability lawyer handling your case for you. While you can represent yourself, it is not advisable to do so. During the hearing, you can expect to be questioned by a medical expert, a vocational expert (who determines if there is any kind of work you could feasibly do) and any other experts the Administrative Law Judge deems necessary. A Laredo disability attorney can tell you what to expect before you actually have to face it at your hearing. You will also be allowed to present evidence and bring witnesses. Your Laredo Social Security Disability lawyer will advise you regarding which witnesses can help your case.
  • If you are turned down for disability benefits at your hearing, the decision will be reviewed by an Appeals Council. The Appeals Council will not consider new evidence, but will make sure that the Administrative Law Judge adequately considered the facts as presented. Having your case put together by a professional Laredo disability attorney ensures that all of the pertinent information will be in place to put your case in the best possible light.
  • If your claim is denied again in Appeals Court, your Laredo disability lawyer may recommend taking your case to Federal Court.

A Laredo Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Webb County, Dimmit County, Zapata County, Jim Hogg County, Duval County, and Maverick County: Nye, Botines, Ranchitos Las Lomas, Laredo Ranchettes, Augilares, Mirando City, Oilton, Callaghan, Santo Tomas, and Thompsonville.

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