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Millions of Americans across the nation struggle with disabling conditions that interrupt their working lives. This interruption from work inevitably brings financial hardships to families. To heighten this problem, the Social Security Disability application process is exhaustive, with only about 30 percent of all applicants being approved at the initial stage.

If their first application proves unsuccessful, individuals must go through a convoluted appeal process in order to gain these vital payments. One way to increase the possibility of receiving disability help would be to acquire the services of a League City Social Security Disability attorney.

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Much of League City’s economy comprises a large demographic of highly-educated and diligent individuals that work mainly as technicians rather than general labor. Home to the NASA/Johnson Space Center as well as the Texas Medical Center, many people hold positions as engineers, computer programmers, and analysts.

With a high proportion of technical workers, League City also has a thriving petrochemical industry. More than 70 chemical plants cluster to form the Bayport Industrial Complex, whose $6 billion gross revenue directly impacts the economy of League City.

Applying for League City Social Security Disability Benefits

League City’s labor force consists of approximately 147,000 workers. Since 2010, about 616,000 people in the State of Texas accepted Social Security Disability benefits, which is an increase from 2008 when approximately 511,000 people received benefits. The average monthly payment in Texas is $1004.

The State of Texas takes about 351 days to process a disability benefits application. Even though it is an improvement over some US regions, Social Security Disability applicants would still have to wait an entire year before they can receive their rightful payments. The inability to work and lack of income can have devastating repercussions on these already-burdened families’ finances. By hiring a League City Social Security Disability lawyer, one may raise their chances in receiving Social Security payments earlier in the application process.

If you have been denied at the first stage of the Social Security Disability application process, hiring a League City Social Security attorney is the essential step forward. A lawyer will review your case and will help you decide which disability payments you are qualified to receive.

He or she will then help you fill out the paperwork and file an appeal of the Social Security Administration’s decision to deny your benefits and will collect all of the proper medical records to bolster your disability case. If necessary, your League City Social Security lawyer may seek out medical professional opinions germane to your claim for disability benefits.

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Hiring a League City Disability Attorney

Your League City disability attorney will prepare for your hearing before the administrative law judge at the Houston SSD hearing office. This is the stage of the appeal process where most disability applicants have benefits awarded to them. It is this stage of the appeal process where most applicants succeed and disability claim their payments. In fact, this stage of the appeal process awards an estimated two-thirds of Social Security disability payments.

With the proper legal minds at your side, the chances of having a positive outcome at your hearing are doubly increased. Your League City disability lawyer will aid you in preparing for the hearing, compiling all the important evidence the judge must have in order to award you payments such as forms HA-4632 (medical documentation of disability) and HA-4633 (work history). If, by any reason, you do not receive your disability payments during the appeal process, your League City Social Security Disability attorney will continue to counsel you on the next steps in the appeal process and can represent you in future appeal hearings.

Fortunately, proper legal representation does not have to be cost-prohibitive. League City disability attorneys work on a contingency basis, collecting either 25 percent of the back payment that you are awarded by the Social Security Administration or $6,000 (whichever is less). For example, if you are awarded $10,000 in back payments, your attorney would receive $2,500 of that $10,000. If you were awarded $40,000, your attorney would only receive $6,000 rather than the full 25 percent. This makes it affordable to almost everyone to retain the legal services they need for a successful Social Security Disability claim.

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