Mississippi Social Security Disability Lawyers

When you apply for social security disability benefits in Mississippi, you are essentially undertaking an intricate and often lengthy process to prove you are eligibility to receive benefits. In the state of Mississippi, the percentage of initial SSD cases that are awarded is just under 25%, while that percentage hovers around 32% on a nationwide level. In Mississippi in particular, only 6.6% of the cases that are appealed and that go up for reconsideration are subsequently awarded. If you are applying for social security disability benefits in Mississippi and your initial claim is denied, you will likely stand the best chance of having your case finally awarded by requesting that you case is heard by an Administrative Law Judge in one of the three social security disability hearing offices in the state. Offices can be found in the cities of Hattiesburg, Tupelo and Jackson.

It will take, on average, 354 days to have your Mississippi social security disability case heard by an ALJ. The average number of days it takes to have your case heard by an ALJ nationally is 349 days. Once your Mississippi SSD case is heard by an ALJ, you have a 50% chance of having your disability claim awarded. That number is slightly lower than the national average of 58.1%. The award rate for SSD cases varies from office to office. The following table shows the approval rates and processing times for each of the three hearing offices.

Hearing Office Approval Rate Processing Time in Days
Hattiesburg 38.7% 349
Tupelo 50.3% 441
Jackson 42.0% 291

Between the three hearing offices, there are 36 ALJs currently deciding on Mississippi social security disability cases. Hattiesburg has 13 judges, 11 judges serve the Jackson office and 12 judges work in Tupelo. Mississippi disability attorneys can be of benefit to you in social security disability case. SSD attorneys who spend time attending hearings and presenting cases before ALJs will already be familiar with the process and will likely have established some level of rapport with presiding judges.

If you want to arrange a free consultation with an SSD attorney in the state of Mississippi, you can feel free to complete the evaluation form located on this website. You are under no obligation to hire an attorney. Your initial consultation is free and you will not have to pay any attorney’s fees unless your Mississippi disability case is won.

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