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The fifth-largest city in Illinois, following right behind Chicago, Naperville has a population of approximately 145,000 people. In 2006, Money magazine bestowed upon it the title of second-best city to live in, and it is also the wealthiest city in the Midwest with a population of over 75,000.

In its early years it was a rural farming community, up until the 1960s when it experienced a robust growth in the number of people living there. Currently it is considered to be a major corporate center, and is the home of North Central College.

Founded in 1831 by John Naper, who deemed it Naper’s Settlement, settlers quickly arrived to live in the new city. It was incorporated as the city of Naperville in 1890. Many people moved to Naperville in the 1980s and ‘90s to take advantage of the boom in research jobs that became available. Among these were Western Electric and Bell Labs.

Kraft Foods is also a major employer, and interestingly Naperville supplies all of North America’s Triscuit brand crackers. Considered a largely white-collar community, the biggest employer is Edward Hospital. Nicor Inc., a shipping and energy company, is the second-largest employer of Napervillians.

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The Naperville Public Library system has been named one of the best library systems in America throughout the years 1999-2010. A large majority of the residents use the Naperville library system on a regular basis. Other forms of recreation include the Naperville Independent Film Festival, which showcases the work of independent filmmakers.

Products manufactured within Naperville include food, plastic and paper products along with medical supplies and electrical equipment. Less than 10% of Napervillians work in such industries, however. A mere 7% of those living in Naperville are disabled, a statistic vastly lower than the national average. Of those 7% living with some sort of disability, nearly three-quarters of them are employed. This is far above the national average. Even so, there are likely people too disabled to do any sort of work at all, hence the remaining unemployed 25%.

Applying for Naperville Social Security Disability Benefits

If you are one of the people whose disabling condition has caused you to apply for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, perhaps you should consider utilizing the services of a Naperville Social Security attorney. A practiced Naperville disability lawyer can help assure your exhibit file contains the proper documentation needed to get you the help you deserve. If you have already begun the application process, even if you’ve been denied disability benefits, you can still contact a Naperville disability attorney at any time during the process. He or she can help you through the appeals procedure.

Many people are amazed to find out that the majority of disability cases are initially denied, and only after a lengthy appeals process do people start receiving the benefits they so desperately need. A Naperville Social Security lawyer will assist you through what can often be a stressful time. It brings comfort to many just knowing that a professional is on your side fighting for your rights. Having a Social Security disability lawyer provide you with legal representation does not guarantee you will be approved for disability benefits, but it does increase the possibility.

Hiring a Naperville Disability Attorney

Applying for Social Security benefits often takes up a lot of your time and can be extra demanding when you are a person with a disability. Seeking the assistance of a Naperville Social Security attorney can relieve some of that stress and make the whole process a bit easier on you. One of the best things about hiring a Naperville disability lawyer is that you will not have to worry about payment until you are approved for benefits. Once you are approved, payment will come out as a percentage of back pay already owed to you, and so you won’t have to resort to receiving less significant monthly payments.

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