Newport News Social Security Attorney or Advocate

Newport News, VA is home to many disability attorney and advocates who are willing to help disability claimants file for disability. Not only will they help you file, but they will also represent you at your disability hearing, if necessary. As of December 2011, there were 4,635 individuals receiving SSDI benefits and 4,490 individuals receiving SSI benefits in Newport News.

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A Newport News disability applicant can either apply for disability online or at one of the local Social Security Administration (SSA) offices listed below:

11706 Jefferson Avenue

Newport News, VA 23606

Telephone: 1-757-873-3914

3305 Airline Blvd

Portsmouth, VA 23701

Telephone: 1-866-593-8851

1521 Hardy Cash Drive, 
Ground Floor

Hampton, VA 23666

Telephone: 1-866-592-2669

Newport News Disability Attorney

Some disability applicants choose not to hire a disability attorney before applying for disability. It is recommended that you at least consult with a Newport News attorney, as there is no up front and all attorney offer free evaluations.

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A Newport News Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Newport News County, Hampton County, Poquoson County, Norfolk County, Virginia Beach County, Portsmouth County, and Chesapeake County: Rushemere, Aberdeen Gardens, Hampton, Watkins, Newsome Park, Jamestown, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Gloucester Point, Williamsburg, Smithfield, Suffolk, and Norfolk.

Do you have questions or concerns about hiring an attorney in Newport News? Contact the bar association below:

Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association
999 Waterside Drive Suite 1330
Norfolk, Virginia 23510

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Newport News Disability Hearings

The best chance a claimant has of being approved for disability is at the hearing stage. All Newport residents will have their hearings held at the Norfolk Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Currently, there are 2,799 pending cases at the Norfolk Hearing office and the wait time is 321 days.

From October 2012 to January 2013, the Norfolk Hearing office had 1193 hearings scheduled. Approximately 85.70% of these hearings were resolved (approved, partially approved or denied). The 7 judges in the Norfolk office handled about 2.4 dispositions per day, which comes out to about 17 scheduled hearings per day. Approximately 62% of the hearings were held in person and 38% of them through video conferencing.

A Newport News disability will without a doubt be familiar with this office, since he or she will have attended hearings in the past on behalf of other claimants. By hiring an attorney, you will gain access to the knowledge and experience they have developed over the years.

It can be difficult to wait for almost a year to have your hearing scheduled when you are out of work. You can contact your local congressman to see if it possible to speed up your hearing:

2600 Washington Ave., Suite 1010
Newport News, VA 23607
Phone: 757-380-1000

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