North Richland Hills Social Security Attorney or Advocate

The greater Fort Worth area has over 25,000 disabled workers receiving Social Security Disability benefits from the SSA. North Richland Hills, a suburb or Forth Worth, shares in these statistics. Many of these Texas residents made the wise choice of hiring a North Richland Hills Social Security Disability lawyer to increase their chances of benefits approval considering the statistically discouraging odds of being approved for disability with the SSA in recent years.

North Richland Hills, Texas is a city of over 63,000 residents, the third largest located in Tarrant County, and a large suburb of the greater metropolis of Fort Worth. Originally established as a small land grant, the community has continued to grow into a thriving city, aided by outgrowth from Fort Worth.

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The top employer in North Richland Hills is the Birdville Independent School District, which provides 1,120 jobs to its residents. The second largest employer is Health Markets, a health and life insurance company which employs 1,000. Other workers find jobs by commuting into Fort Worth city limits.

Of the 33,400 working-age residents in North Richland Hills, 5,760 have reported disabilities. Many of these disabled residents fall within the 30% of the unemployed working-age class because of the limiting effects of their disabling condition.

Applying for North Richland Hills Social Security Disability Benefits

The Social Security Administration offers a program known as Social Security Disability or SSDI, within the greater Social Security program. This benefit is designed for workers such as the 5,000 in North Richland Hills who are disabled but have previously contributed to the Social Security System through payroll taxes before their disabilities affected their ability to perform their previous job, or any other work. You can start the process by either applying for disability online or at your local office.

If you are disabled resident of North Richland Hills who is unable to work and expect to be disabled for at least 12 months, you may qualify for Social Security Disability.

Applying for SSDI on your own is not advisable because of the complexity of the process and the extreme scrutiny which is given applications to avoid disability fraud and filter out unqualified applicants. Falling within the 70% of rejected disability claims can be discouraging, and although you can appeal the decision, means a longer wait for needed benefits.

Contacting a North Richland Hills Social Security lawyer takes little effort and greatly improves your chances of making it into the 30%. Otherwise, a North Richland Hills disability lawyer is the best source of representation at your appeals court hearing with the Fort Worth SSD office, where you are already more likely to receive a reversal of an unfavorable benefits determination according to the current approval rates.

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Hiring a North Richland Hills Disability Attorney

Disability benefits are hard to get for various reasons, but this should not discourage you from applying as long as you follow the advice of thousand who have successfully won their disability claim and hire the legal assistance of a North Richland Hills Social Security Disability attorney.

Not knowing where your next paycheck is coming from is a situation no one likes to find themselves in, especially if your eligibility for available jobs in your area is significantly hindered by the presence of a disabling condition.

Hiring a North Richland Hills Social Security attorney is a no-risk decision which can literally mean the difference between a benefits approval or denial and the future of your financial situation for as long as you are disabled. Not only does a North Richland Hills disability lawyer represent little if no initial expense, they may be able to help considerably.

Even if you understand the application process and feel confident you can handle it yourself, you are risking the possibility of missing seemingly small but crucial details which could make all the difference in your claim. The decision to hire a North Richland Hills disability lawyer should be the obvious choice for anyone seeking disability benefits.

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