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Orlando (Orange County) is home to many experienced Social Security Disability attorneys and advocates who are available to help individuals apply for Social Security Disability benefits. If you can no longer work due to a disability or illness, it may be in your best interest to contact an attorney or advocate to guide you through the application process to get you the benefits you need.

Right now, the Orlando Hearing Office has a wait time of 344 days and a total of 8,931 pending cases. While it can seem difficult to wait nearly a year to receive benefits, many disability recipients find SSI and SSDI to be worth the wait. In December 2011, 27,590 Orlando residents received SSDI and 30,248 Orlando residents received SSI.

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To initiate the application process, Orlando residents can fill out an application in person at their local SSA office or they can complete an electronic application online. If you prefer to apply in person, it is important that you call ahead and schedule an appointment with a Social Security Disability representative. You can reach your local office at the following address:

5520 Gatlin Avenue
Suite 101
Orlando, FL 32812-7775
Telephone: 1-866-964-6146

Consulting with a Orlando Social Security Disability Attorney

If you are unfamiliar with the Social Security Disability programs, it may be in your best interest to consult an attorney or advocate. He or she will be able to offer professional guidance and advice to ensure that you make no costly errors on your disability application.

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A Orlando Social Security Disability lawyer will also handle disability claims in the following cities located in Orange County, Brevard County, Osceola County, Polk County, Lake County, Seminole County: Gainesville, Oak Ridge, Sky Lake, Azalea Park, Winter Park, Maitland, Orlovista, Pine Hills, Altamonte Springs, Celebration, Lake Buena Vista, Holden Heights, and Edgewood.

Contact your local bar association to learn more about the legal professionals in your area:

Orange County Bar Association
800 N. Orange Ave 
Orlando, FL 32801

Florida Bar Foundation
P.O. Box 1553
Orlando, FL 32801

Federal Bar Association
201 S. Orange Ave. Ste 300
Orlando, FL 32801

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Orlando Disability Hearings

If an applicant’s initial claim and reconsideration request are denied, he or she must request a hearing to be held at the Orlando Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR). Below is a list of the administrative law judges (ALJs) who hear cases in the Orlando Hearing Office:

ALJApproval Rate
Calabro, Michael52.72%
Detherage, Kevin J.39.81%
Eiler, Kathleen H.36.20%
Ferguson, Jeffrey A.70.45%
Fulcher, Eric S.39.53%
Marcinkowski, Robert D.70.37%
Houston, Pamela46.63%
Kirk, Emily56.25%
LaBoda, Barry C.64.05%
Landrum, Bruce10.53%
Mahon, Janet55.65%
Mandry, Maria T.48.34%
Neel, Angela L.26.11%
Ocampo, Julio44.77%
Rodriguez-Quilichini, E.50.26%
Statum, Emily R.45.75%
Tejada-Rivera, Pedro38.36%
Walker, Douglas A.49.58%

*Data from http://www.ssa.gov/appeals/DataSets/03_ALJ_Disposition_Data.html

It is common for an Orlando disability lawyer to be familiar with the judges of the Orlando hearing office. They can use this information to your advantage when preparing your disability case.

Just as you may have experienced with your initial application, scheduling a hearing may take a very long time. If you find that you cannot wait for your hearing, you may wish to request a congressional inquiry. To do so, you should call your local congressperson to explain why you need your hearing to be scheduled sooner. If you are experiencing extreme financial or medical troubles, your congressperson has the power to intervene with the ODAR on your behalf to expedite your disability claim.

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