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Considering the disheartening statistics of the thousands who denied disability benefits, filing for Social Security Disability benefits as a Palo Alto resident carries much more peace of mind with the legal help of a Palo Alto disability attorney, while at the same time improving the chances of a favorable determination.

If you are a Palo Alto resident with a disability, you will want to consider the following information before and while you are filing for disability benefits with the Social Security Administration.

About Palo Alto, California

The city of Palo Alto, a term which literally means “tall branch” in Spanish, is named after an area redwood tree. This Californian city of 64,000 is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is home of the famed Stanford University, the namesake of Palo Alto’s founder, Leland Stanford.

In addition to Stanford University, the city is also home to many Silicon Valley giants such as Hewlett-Packard, Tesla Motors, Ning, VMWare and IDEO, and has been influential to the development of many others such as Google, Logitech, and PayPal.

Applying for Palo Alto Social Security Disability Benefits

Needless to say, the strength of Palo Alto’s economy lies in the more than 7,000 Silicon Valley businesses which employ more than 98,000 of its residents, as well as research facilities associated with Stanford University. The direction of the Palo Alto economy is extremely dependent on the success of these technological giants, for better or worse.

As a testament to the strength of the technological industries based in Palo Alto, the workforce numbers over 30,000, and experiences an impressively low unemployment rate at 1.9%.

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Even in a city like Palo Alto which enjoys a low unemployment rate, there are those who are unable to work regardless of whether jobs are readily available. Roughly 3,900 residents of Palo Alto under the age of 65 are disabled, a condition which keeps many from being able to work. 69% of those with disabilities are still able to work and find employment, which leaves 31% who are both unemployed and disabled. These individuals may qualify for SSDI if they can prove their disability and have enough work credits

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits, known as SSDI, may be the only option for these Palo Alto residents. Even so, 70% of millions of first-time applications for disability benefits are rejected.

Knowing how to navigate the SSA’s system of requirements and qualifications is the specialty of a Palo Alto Social Security Disability attorney. Hiring a Palo Alto disability lawyer represents your best chance of being awarded disability status at all levels of the process, whether you are filing for the first time or have been denied benefits and are waiting for your case to be heard before an Administrative Law Judge.

Hiring a Palo Alto Disability Attorney

A Palo Alto Social Security attorney has an extreme drive to win your case, since his fee will be determined from your eventual benefits payout once you are approved, including back pay for previous months you were disabled. In addition to drive, a Palo Alto Social Security Disability lawyer has the experience you desperately need in examining every detail of your case for errors or the need for additional medical and vocational documentation, an advantage which can save you months of waiting and ultimately determine the outcome of your disability claim.

Don’t make the mistake of trying to prove your disability without the legal advice and assistance of a Palo Alto Social Security attorney. Your current health and future recovery, mind, emotions, and pocketbook are not worth risking to a questionable outcome for your SSDI claim.

Contact a qualified Palo Alto disability attorney to represent your case and win you the benefits you desperately need in the months and years you continue to be incapacitated by a qualifying disabling condition.

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